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Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5a
WoW-Mania Patch 2.9.5 is out!
WoW-Mania Patch 2.9.5 is out!

Our latest patch 2.9.5 is finally out with dozens of new exclusive mounts and PvP rewards update!

These mounts can be found at our website Shop or at the Mall in-game. To make you can see and use the new mounts you must have the new client, just use our Launcher to start the client when you next play.

If you find any issues while downloading it, close the Launcher and the client completely, delete your cache folder and the Data\enGB\patch-enGB-D.MPQ file and restart the Launcher as Admin. 

Note: Your client folder must have read-write access to your user.

If you have any issues in-game please make sure to log it in our GitHub Bug Repository. It's open for everyone to see.

You can also check our Change Log to find out what has been done since the last update.

You can check the latest mounts/pets on our Discord channel.

We fix most issues within one deployment cycle thanks to the hard work of our developers and testers. We are always looking for more Testers and Developers, if you want to join the team to help us fix issues please read this forum post.

Most issues are fixed on the same day they are posted by the player.

Of course, we require a minimum of discipline from our players when logging an issue, so please make sure you read our tutorial on how to log an issue properly in order to give our testers and developer the best chance possible to identify and fix the problem.