Frequently Asked Questions   April 28th, 2016

This is a general guide to the most common questions and issues faced by players:


Note: You can also find a lot of information and guides here: Forum: Guides & Information


1. Where can I find a guide on how to get my client and set it up correctly?

One of our own players, Melandru, has written this complete guide: How to Get Started.

2. What is the population of the server?

This is a question with no permanent answer. The population varies on the time of the day, the day of the week and as time passes. The population is growing on a weekly basis. The best way to find out how many players are currently online is to check our Status Page or Map and see for yourself. 

3. My game crashes when I try to login my main character what should I do?

You either don't have our client or have a corrupted patch. If you don't have our client go get it! Our Launcher cannot guarantee a successful patch of other clients.Now if you do have our client make sure you download the latest Launcher from our Downloads page and then follow the instruction described in this post: How to Fix Random Crashes.

4. I was kicked and banned without communication from a GM? Why was a banned?

Whenever you have bad ping (bad internet connection), spam the server with packets, or spam the server with chat commands, or a very noisy addon, the server will auto ban you. The first time will be 30 minutes, and can last up to 2 hours.

5. I was banned by a GM in-game, How do I appeal this ban?

Innocent or not, never complain about it in the forums, or create another account and complain in world chat! Contact WoW-Mania's support via e-mail and wait for the GM that banned you, or another GM like Janitor to reply. If no one replies after a few days, you can contact Janitor via Skype: wow-mania.com.  Be weary, Janitor is very busy, so he might not reply RIGHT away.

6. Where can I check if my realm is up or in maintenance?

You can quickly check the status of all realm on the site's Home page (top left) and also get more detailed information on the Status page. All scheduled maintenance will be informed there and also on Twitter and Facebook when applicable. Unexpected issues may be reported first on Twitter.

7. Where can I find out more about the Terms of Services (TOS) for the server and also the rules I must follow in-game?

You can find a complete description of what is expected from our players here: RulesRead them carefully to avoid problems and disappointments in the future.

8. A player is being toxic in world chat and making inappropriate sexual, racist or religious comments. What should I do?

The first thing to try is to warn the player in private that he is breaking the rules of the server (refer to question 7). If he continues feel free to open a ticket describing the player's behavior and name (get screenshots to back you up). You can also e-mail support. We will NOT tolerate such behavior in world chat.

9. How do I vote for the server and what do I get out of it?

First of all, when you vote for us you are helping WoW-Mania to become a more popular server and attract more player to join us. That, in turn, will improve your game experience by providing shorter RDF times, more people for Battlegrounds and Raids and also a more Blizzlike environment. Having said that we also will give you rewards for voting. We will give you daily Maniac Points that can be exchanged for gear, mounts, etc. You will also accumulate Voting Points that can be redeemed for even more gear mounts, pets and even gold. 

Voting is rewarded according to what the Ranking sites tell us. If your vote counted. They all have different rules and reset times. Most are 24h. So if you vote in less than 24h since last time the vote will not count. The MPs are rewarded on the next day on your first login.

To check how many Maniac Points you can check your Currency tab through the game's UI directly by pressing C (by default) or type: ".reward view".

10. How does Refer a Friend (or RAF) work? 

There are two ways to register for the RAF benefits. The first is to pass your user ID to your friend so he can use it when registering a new account (see image).

The second, in the case when your friend already has an account, is to create a ticket and inform us both usernames so we can ink them.

RAF will give you the following benefits:

  • Summon a friend
  • Grant a level
  • x3 experience boost

To actually get these benefits you will need to comply with the following conditions:

  • Be in a group with your friend
  • Be within 4 levels apart from each other
  • Be lower than level 60


Note: If you have a question that is not listed here please get in touch and we will add it to the list:

  • e-mail: support@wow-mania.com
  • Skype: wow-mania.com
  • Facebook: wowmaniauk