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Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5a
Happy anniversary WoW-Mania!
Happy anniversary WoW-Mania!

After 5 years running WoW-Mania is now the model Wotlk server out there in quality and fun!

We have a dedicated and experienced team of developers and now we have a brand new team of testers and supporters motivated to make our server even better.

Our first client update will be March 17th so make sure you always use the Launcher to start the game. We want this to be as transparent as possible to all the player.
We will be bringing to you new mounts, pets and transmog sets from later versions, Battle for Azeroth including.
You can find more about what is coming in the next patch on our Announcement channel in Discord.

I hope you all join us in the celebrations!