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Your Guild On The Spotlight: Coconut Crazy Pirates (H)
Your Guild On The Spotlight: Coconut Crazy Pirates (H)

Coconut Crazy Pirates or previously known as Pirates of the ICCaribbean is a 2-year old guild on WoW-Mania.
This is an end-game raiding guild that has over 190 LOD kills, 100 RS25HC kills and 40 Tribute to Immortality kills.
Not only do they focus on end-game raids but they have also completed many other raiding achievements such as The Immortal (Naxx 25) and Alone in the Darkness (Ulduar 25).
The guild consists of a solid core group and social players that are frequently participating in a variety of events and PVP.
They pride themselves on maturity and respect for each other.

The video above is a small example of the raids their players participate in weekly.
Thanks to the players for taking time to join the Bane No Buff challenge.
If you are searching for a guild that is doing different kinds of challenges while having fun, and you are Horde on WoW-Mania contact Rho in-game.

If you would like to see your guild featured here just send Janitor a message providing a paragraph with your guild's description and strengths, specify why should people join it and preferably add a video so they can see you are not all just talk. Thank you.