alt professions

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alt professions

Postby JonSnur » Thu Aug 10, 2017 4:12 pm

I have a skinner/leather working main, and a tailor/enchanting alt. I send all the cloth that I get levelling my main & all of the green & blue drops I don't want (and things I make) to my alt to sew & DE.

Basically my alt spends most of his time outside a post box in Ogr. But he's gonna have to shift his butt soon so I can get my next level tailor & enchant. Would it be possible to remover the character level limit on learning the higher level professions. So I can concentrate on my main and just leave him to sew and enchant things till I feel the urge to level a squishy mage

I only ask because to the AH is so bobbins ;)
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