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Wrath of The Lich King!

Patch 3.3.5a + original content

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The best server of its kind!

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About WoW-Mania

There has been a lot of talk and hype about some legacy wow servers lately... While this may be news to some of you we have been providing a high-quality and high-availability World of Warcraft - Wrath of the Lich King server for 2 years now. We may not be the biggest but we are certainly the best in quality and the service we offer to our players.

We are the most stable wow private server in the world today, with custom content and a top of the line hardware. WoW-Mania is run by professional developers and technicians to ensure the best all-around gaming experience. Our team is made of dedicated and passionate individuals who professionally creates and maintain every single aspect of the game.

If you are looking for a server with 15,000 players online but unstable and full of bugs then WoW-Mania is not the place for you. Now if you want a top quality server with players that love the game and will contribute to the community and to improve the game then go ahead and set your Hearthstone here.

Come join us and relive the glory of the Wrath of the Lich King days at its best. Meet up with old friends or make new ones. We are a truly global community with over 53 different countries represented among our players.

The best wow server you will ever find is here to stay. With experienced developers and game masters our focus is on the players gaming experience.

Check out our install tutorial and get up and running in 5 minutes: How to get Started on WoW-Mania.

Check out some of the comments left from our players on reddit. You are welcome to go and leave yours. Help us make WoW-Mania the best WotLK server.

Player's comments...

High Uptime!

With a 99.2% uptime we are already one of the top WoW private server in the world, and we won't stop there... our target is to give you the best Blizzlike WotLK server in the world. We are here to stay!

We are a rapidly growing community and we welcome all players of any ages, new or experienced alike. Ask our players what they think of us.

We pioneer a totally new concept among private servers, where our players are encouraged to get involved with the server's decisions and features giving them a sense of ownership and participation unheard of in any other server.

Join our cross-faction world chat in-game and ask the players and the GMs why they love playing with us.


Enjoy our Free Mount at level 10, open chat between factions, custom content, arena open to all levels, all Heirlooms available through our Playtime Reward System (including weapons). This is a major help while levelling main or alt characters.

We also provide a series of services for getting players to higher levels even faster and start enjoying dungeons, 10 and 25-man raids.

We also offer in-game Character Services (race, name and faction change), shop for gold, mount or vanity items with instant delivery.

Visit our Shop or ask one of the GMs in-game.

Show us your talent

After receiving some incredible footages from our players in instances and raids, each one bragging about their in-game feats anot to mention their filmmaking skills we decided to make it official.

Send us your videos (30-60 seconds long) showing us why you think you are the best DPS, TANK or HEALER on the server and and get a VIP membership for a month (with up to x6 XP rate and many other perks).

Entries can be posted on our forums or sent directly to us via skype or email. You can vote for your favorite videos on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Note: Send us your video and we will feature it here.

Server Status

Login server is: online.
Redemption Realm is: online.
Frostmourne (Test) Realm is: online.
Set realmlist to: wotlk.wow-mania.com
News: All realms are up. No maintenance scheduled for this week.

Top voters

1 Dromi 2137
2 Shamino 2065
3 yvette 2003
4 iamjwillow 1968
5 duma 1922
6 Bombastik 1723
7 cathyr 1694
8 tarran 1684
9 yourmagisty 1635
10 WickedGhost 1607
11 ronondex 1606
12 kr00berg 1585
13 soccerboy81 1560
14 kfdmc 1399
15 Rev 1366
16 Rumqna 1347
17 grafta 1345
18 fosterunge 1332
19 Fill427 1329
20 levi3dope 1315
21 Caitlin 1293
22 HuQBoss2 1288
23 KARNAKI 1265
24 weegor 1237
25 patrickgriley 1233
26 mikeojai 1198
27 Macncheeze 1180
28 Affluences 1175
29 Silvermoan 1148
30 pan1979 1147

Note: On top of Maniac Points all voters will get Vote Points to be redeemed for:

Gold, Pets, Gear, Mounts, Emblems, Vanity items.

So don't miss out... Start voting now!

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Featuring: Our latest video from players

Lich King 10-man Normal - Courtesy of Keyana.

Blood-Queen Lana - Courtesy of Rejuv

Top Honor Ranking

1 Reven 80 0 9410
2 Diabloso 80 0 8643
3 Seralow 80 0 7069
4 Tststrn 80 0 6606
5 Lodos 80 0 5966
6 Dump 80 0 5555
7 Nero 80 93 5130
8 Necrosiss 80 2 5034
9 Skroz 80 0 4868
10 Tenma 80 47 4840
11 Grendell 80 40 4696
12 Prevartel 80 0 4689
13 Dcode 80 0 4665
14 Bipinz 80 24 4658
15 Sttyler 80 0 4625
16 Scarlat 80 0 4572
17 Yesgotohell 80 0 4315
18 Pyrrha 80 0 4249
19 Skyboom 80 0 4222
20 Kyo 80 0 4180
21 Htlolpwnt 80 0 4110
22 Twinku 19 0 3996
23 Mev 80 0 3892
24 Druidella 80 7 3867
25 Penumbra 80 1 3824
26 Charo 80 0 3417
27 Choco 19 0 3407
28 Shaikey 80 0 3405
29 Cataleya 80 0 3402
30 Needwifi 80 0 3352

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