Update the maps

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Update the maps

Postby Anthonhed » Sat Jul 15, 2017 9:16 pm

Since we are running on WotLK Azeroth flying is not intended to work which means the map is not "solid", for example when you fly over Stormwind the screen starts flickering etc... A suggestion is to update to the Cataclysm maps, since Azeroth flying was introduced to the Cataclysm expansion, I know that the maps in cata is different to wotlk, for example a flight point in Goldshire, now I am no coding expert but maybe it's possible to connect those too?`

am I the only one that thinks that is a good idea? :P
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Re: Update the maps

Postby JuNNeZ » Sun Jul 16, 2017 12:42 pm

I'm not sure this is even remotely possible, the flying in Azeroth is just a merit we give players for easy achievement gathering, farming, quest-completing and other such things. The maps are old and not-updated, but since it's a Blizz-like WotLK server I'm sure we can survive it.
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Re: Update the maps

Postby Darmicus » Mon Jul 17, 2017 10:30 pm

I'd be completely opposed to this idea since the Cataclysm maps drastically changed things. The inconvenience of certain graphical issues or barriers are simply something we tolerate for having the luxury of flying in Azeroth during a time when we otherwise wouldn't be able to.
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