Here you can find all the files mentioned in this website or the forums. Let us know if we missed anything.

Essential Downloads:
Windows Client (2.0.8b): Windows WoW-Mania's Client - Torrent (50 KB)
Mac OS X Client: Note: No longer available for Mac. Check info here on how to use an emulator with the Windows client.
.NET Framework (optional): .NET Framework 4.5.2 (web installer)
Note: You probably have this already if using Windows 8 or above.

Optional Downloads:
Addons for WotLK (61 addons): - Zip (44 MB)
Game Guide: Game Guide - Zip (54 MB)
Note: Brady Games' Offical Guide to World of Warcraft.
All Patches - for enGB clients only: - Zip (3.34 GB)
Note: This will only work on a clean 3.3.5a enGB client.
WoW-Mania's Custom Launcher: Launcher - Zip (16.2 MB)
Note: You DO NOT need this if you are downloading our latest client. Also it will only work if used on our client or a clean 3.3.5a enGB client.
WoW Mini Assistant: WoW Mini Assistant (mobile app)
Note: You DO NOT need this to play the game. This is a helper app to be installed on your phone only.
Client Zip - Mega Download WoW-Mania-2.0.8b - Zip (19.76 GB)
Note: This is a single zip file of the client and is here just as an alternative to those with an ISP that blocks torrents.

Files were last updated: May 24th, 2017.

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