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Postby ShadyHashtag » Thu Jun 08, 2017 5:14 pm

From back in my day almost 7 years ago when I was event coordinator for another server we had the following forum events:

1) Find the picture - The event host would go and edit a post on the forums and players would have to go find the picture and send a PM to the event host on where the picture is located with a link. The first 3 people to find it won.

2) Word Searches - Create a word search with references to the game or staff. First 3 players who completed the word search correctly won. All entries would be sent to the event host.

3) Sudoku - A number game.

If you are looking for ingame events there are a number in which you can do. If you want to stay true to the blizzlike experience your options are a little limited. So I will break it down into blizzlike and custom.

Blizzlike Ingame Events

1) Morph into a boss and have a raid of players come to kill you. After the event is over have a chest created that has a reward for example some Maniac Points.

2) Have a pvp event made around lower levels like back in the day where players spent time collecting gear to make their character get the edge in the wsg/ab if it was for 19/29/39.

3) Naked Races from point A to point B. Must be level 1 at start may level up due to exploring. No gear is permitted. Ideal for gnomes as you can have them race from SW to BB.

4) Treasure Hunt - List a number of items to find. Upon collecting them all contact a Gm to check to see if the items are in the bags. If they are found in the bags the player wins and the Gm will remove the item so the player can't trade them to other players to make the event easier and to combat cheating.

Custom Ingame Events

1) Stair Events - Stair events have always been a huge way to sink time into completing them. Can either create an NPC which gives a quest at the bottom of the stairs and upon reaching the top can turn in the quest for a reward.

2) Create custom raid bosses for level 80's and spawn them outside either Stormwind or Orgrimmar.

Hope this helps :D
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Re: Event Suggestion Thread

Postby Gravix » Fri Jan 05, 2018 8:37 pm

Frozen Throne Tag:
Sent to a Frozen Throne arena where everyone is just equipped with a single weapon. A 3 vs. 1 match where the person who is "it" freezes the opponent when they land a blow. While the other 3's weapons unfreeze the target. The person who is "it" will also have 2 Cooldown Abilities; A sprint, and disengage. 5 minute rounds. If possible, having frozen pillars pop up during the last 30 seconds of battle would give a good rush. Timed like the falling ice in Pit of Saron.
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Re: Event Suggestion Thread

Postby Gagena » Wed Sep 26, 2018 9:18 pm

I'm in :)
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Re: Event Suggestion Thread

Postby dragonralith » Sat Aug 10, 2019 1:35 pm

Suggestion from a new Mania player:


I am still getting the feel for how this server works, I zoned into the barrens for my Bear Form quest and was surprised to find myself FFA flagged, so the rules would have to work around or allow PVP deaths. The rules for the challenge could roughly be:

1. NO CHARACTER DEATHS Currently I'd favor allowing open world PVP death exception since there may be other FFA flag areas that are unavoidable.

2. 1X EXP ONLY. Or .5x exp if you're wanting a super challenge.

2. WHITES/GRAYS ONLY. Nothing higher than white quality allowed. No greens, no blues. Armor, weapon, relic, bag, ammo... gray or white only! Mounts, while consumable items, do not count in this category.

3. NO NON-PLAYER BUFFS. No potions, flasks, elixirs, scrolls, food buffs. Standard Health Potions will be the ONLY allowance. Druids can use MOTW, Warlocks can use Healthstones. If a Priest runs by you and gives you Fortitude, without you asking, that's fine.

4. NO PROFESSIONS EXCEPT FIRST AID. Those Health Potions mentioned in Rule 3 will have to be looted from chests or corpses. No gathering, no crafting, no cooking.

5. NO GROUPS/DUNGEONS/RAIDS. Ironman is classically a solo challenge, with dungeons and raids not allowed. Open world grouping for elite/difficult quests is also discouraged.

6. NO OUTSIDE ASSISTANCE. Ironman should be a self-sustained solo challenge. No mailing items/bags/gold to your Ironman from another character or player. Use of the Auction House is allowed, sell what you find!

(edit) 7. TALENT POINTS. Talent points can be used to help your character on the challenge.

Why Ironman? Because it is challenging. Learn your class inside and out as you quest endlessly to reach the level cap with subpar armor and weapons, just to say you did it. OR if there is enough interest/participation in the event, maybe a reward. I don't know what the GMs and Devs would want to offer, or if there are rules set in place for awarding prizes already. If we agreed to have a prize, maybe a special mount or title?


I'll be doing this challenge myself, for a while. It will help me get a feel for this server and its community, and give me the pre-Cata fix I crave. I hope others join me!
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Re: Event Suggestion Thread

Postby Prium » Thu Aug 15, 2019 7:37 am

So ive got an idea for Gm Events, since we dont primarily use the Emerald dream much; We could make it into a GM Playground of nuts,bolts, and encounters alike whether its being dropped into a pit of murlocs or into a pool of lava in the emerald dream...does sound pretty inventive and pleasing! : )
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