[Primal] [A] is recruiting!

Advertise your guild and recruit more friends!
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[Primal] [A] is recruiting!

Post by SLANIAXX » Wed Nov 27, 2019 1:09 pm

[Primal] is on a hiatus because of various issues. We will be back ^^
For now if you want invites find "Uwuwu" online, raids will not be scheduled until serverwide latency issues are solved (which will probably coincide with the normalization of life after covid-19 issue).
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Re: [Primal] [A] is recruiting!

Post by HAPONITA » Tue Apr 21, 2020 10:31 pm

Hello Slania,
Hello Primal Guild.
If you are the best PvE Ally server, then I'm definitely ur man since I only play PvE and only Ally :D (for almost 12 years of wow).

My game name is Hapo (char: Haponita). I love druids though I played all other classes. I've been playing private servers for a long time. Unfortunately the last 5 years were some family time with very limited time for wow. My last big days were in Molten wow. I had all 10 classes geared somewhere between 5k and 6k with ICC achievements. I have participated in plenty of server first kills, back then when private servers where adding ICC champions 1 by 1, from LD till Prof. My molten wow guild was the second ally guild to kill LK25. Now that I have some free time (not only temporarily cuz of COVID :D), I'm determined to get the 25 HC achievement :twisted: :geek: :geek: . I know I'm still 5K GS and relatively new to the server, but this will not stop me.
I added you on discord. Feel free to chat on disc or in game.

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Re: [Primal] [A] is recruiting!

Post by TAHAYAN » Wed Aug 12, 2020 9:15 pm

This is not very good guild. I must tell GM is nice and helpfull, but others are very selfish and egoisic. I was asking 5 days officers of this guild to sell me shoulders from guild bank... non intrest, 100% ignored me, now you pay your price! Next, I want do ICC with guild, forget it, no chance, they have „dicord” or what ever it call and only players with this thing can do it. So I was ignored again, well this guild is only good for player who know each other and they are good friends. New players can only „hope” for help. For guild bank, forget this is just for decoration, you gain non of this items there, forget it, even if you wanna pay for it. So it’s the wole true story about this guild. It is better to look on world chat, if you need some icc runs, way better. In this guild I was ~1 month, 2x helped till this time.

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Re: [Primal] [A] is recruiting!

Post by Nettoposen » Thu Aug 20, 2020 9:09 am

Taheron the Dk i assume? all of what youre writing is out of context. Primal is by far one of the most helping guilds around,we got 3 25 man heroics running every week,multile 25 man normals and on top of that , tons of 10 heroics and even normals to help people break the gear barrier, if you getting on discord signing up to attend makes us a bad guild,that problem is on you mate, when you join a guild you make sure you check the guild rules/announcements. all that info i just said is there,along with a discord link. problem 2 spamming in the guild chat doesnt always makes it better,reach out to individuals. people can be busy at different times whilst youre spamming guildchat. theres always more to it, on another note im sad you got this view of us when its not even close to how we are or look.

Goodluck, Davex

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