RAF Issue - Not sure where to put this

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RAF Issue - Not sure where to put this

Post by 3fingers » Sat Jan 01, 2022 12:39 am

A friend, my son, and I just recently discovered this server, so we're all new to this. I took advantage of the recruit a friend feature and recruited them both. We all play together in the same household, so figured it'd be a great time. However, whereas my friend can grant me levels up to his level, I'm unable to grant my son up to our level and no we're outside the 4 level threshold for him to be able to reap the benefits of being in a party with us. I'm no exactly 4 levels higher than him I think. But even when I was 1, 2, or 3 levels higher than him, I'm unable to grant him levels to catch up to me.

Character names involved are:
Stiffbeard Alliance Dwarf Warrior (my friend, and able to grant me levels up to his level)
Hammerbeard Alliance Dwarf Paladin (Me, and unable to grant my son levels up to my level)
Zxarsais Alliance Worgen Druid (My son, and unable to receive levels from my grant a level)

We've even had him try rolling a Dwarf to make sure that wasn't a part of problem, which I didn't think it would be, and even doing that I was unable to grant him any levels using the grant a level feature.

I'm able to summon him just fine, however. So, I have no idea why some of the RAF features would work and some not. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated as my son is having a hard time keeping up and he's losing patience with the game and I'd really like him to enjoy it with us. Thanks so much!

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Re: RAF Issue - Not sure where to put this

Post by CLONE413 » Thu Jan 06, 2022 3:57 pm

The Raf level boost only works 1-way. You recruited your son (and friend). Both of them can grant you levels, you can grant neither of them levels.
For every 2 levels they get, they can give you one.
for example, if all 3 of you level together to level 60, you could make a level 1 toon and recieve 30 levels from each of their characters to make you a free instant 60 toon. This only works once per character they have made. And cross faction level boosting don't work (atleast for me & my kids).

Hope this helps

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