Few thoughts for new players

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Few thoughts for new players

Post by Dastroll » Wed Mar 31, 2021 12:57 am

I'm a fairly new player to this server and I've noticed a few reoccurring trends with new players.this isent ment to be anything but a semi useless slightly helpful observation.

All of this information is easley found on this website

Your first toon will be broke your probably going to have to pick what skills and spells and whatever so don't sweat it it's a self fixing problem eventually.

The exp rate ,drops and pretty much everything is set to 2x as default but weekends exp is double that so if your broke on Thursday your really going to be broke by the end of the weekend with all the skills and whatever your getting but it's all a self fixing problem.

Check to see if your class has any skills you need or want that are quested.

I try to on Thursday do as many quests as I can but not complete them so on Friday I've got a nice load of exp preload and ready.

Vote every day the vote tokens add up quickly and it's the easiest way to get decent leveling gear.

Voting is for the most part reliable but there will be the off times where you're going to to get one or two voting tokens that's all part of it just roll with it.think all last weekend I only received about 7 total for the entire weekend with doing nothing different just roll with it they add up quickly.

Normally your getting 7 and 7 per day and weekend it's 7 and 14 so they do add up fast

At 25 voting tokens for armor and 50 for weapons and rings/trinkets it won't take long to get your took some great heirloom leveling gear that can be passed onto other toons after you get to 80

The voting merchant has Traveler's Tundra Mammoth that's a ground mount with a merchant and a repair merchant.

Going into it I thought of my first toon as more of my banking toon they were going to be broke there's no way around it they were just going to have to deal with it.iso I chose a warlock fairly easy pet class and went enchanting and Tailor. So that it could make Bags for the next toons that made Thier leveling easer.

You can purchase the tome for cold weather flying and mail it to your other toons .

I did make all my toons with a plan of what profession each would be then played them for the most part on a weekend to lvl 10 and parked at a mailbox so I could send items and recipes and whatnots.. took just a few minutes to hit lvl 10 so you can send them mail and use the servers mall.

For the most part the server population is amazing and friendly And I've always gotten my questions answered but if you repeatedly ask questions that a five second google search would have given you the answer your going to find the quality of your answers and responses going down pretty fast

The Download section has a nice assortment of plugin that work on this server get them .the tomtom plugin is amazing especially if your planning on following about the same path for each toons make a macro with /way locations for all that nonsense items .I've got quite a few with just herbs in each area so future toons with herbalism can just follow the arrow and quickly gather .

None of this was probably helpful to anyone but I see allot of I'm broke ,why can't I or similar things in world chat so a little preparing yourself will make your playtime more enjoyable.

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