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Post by Minilst2 » Thu Nov 17, 2022 10:33 pm

How long are vote points good for after you vote to when you log in?
I have voted onto each link three time since my last log in and I only received 8 vote points.
Just curious if anyone knows. Thank you.

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Re: Voting

Post by LegionPrime » Sat Nov 19, 2022 12:21 pm

Here is my experience:
If I just vote without playing I can get all points or just 1.
If I play and then vote I get them all, on double XP days they are more points.
If I take some time to log in I still get them as I log in.
I see from other forum posts that using a cell phone to vote is more reliable.

So what I will do: log into the game and play some, minimize or go back to character selection screen, minimize game, go vote, log back into character and get my points.
This works for me.
Hopefully I answered your question.

Pro Tip: Keep many voting points handy for GM sales on mounts, they tend to last short periods or days.

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