Guild Master responsibilities

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Guild Master responsibilities

Post by ZINIUS » Tue Jun 25, 2024 8:01 pm

The Guild Master responsibilities:

- It is the Guild Masters responsibility to select officers carefully, as they are representatives of the guild and what it stands for.
- It is the responsibility of the Guild master to take care of any negitive actions of their guild members that has a negitive impact on the server.
- A Guild Master role is to manage their own members and guild settings.
- If a Guild Master is inactive for 2 months, an officer can request to take over control of the guild.
- If the former guild Master returns within 1 month, then the guild Master role will return to them.
- If the former guild Master returns after 1 month, then the guild Master role will remain as-is with the current guild Master.
- A Guilds reputation is important.

Important notes:
Wow-Mania reserves the right to replace the Guild Master or disband the guild if these rules are not followed.
Wow-Mania is not responsibile for any guildbank withdrawals (theft of items/gold) set the rank roles carefully.
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