[WARRIOR] Hybrid build advice

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[WARRIOR] Hybrid build advice

Post by KRAOSHALOS » Fri Jul 17, 2020 3:27 pm

I know this is WotLK where hybrid builds actually do exist.
I'm trying something for versatility & solo play. I realize I'm not going to deal the most damage in a raid or in pvp, but I want to be capable of doing both without switching my talents.
I'm trying an axe specialized fury build with arms all the way up to that global buff for all people in my party (forgot the name).
It looks like 31/40/0
Aiming for crits, bleed, and shouts.
I'm sure you guys are gonna tell me to just pick a tree, but I'm pretty determined to figure out a way for this to work, any tips?

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Re: [WARRIOR] Hybrid build advice

Post by GREYWOLF59 » Tue Jul 21, 2020 6:44 pm

Hey there! :).
Well first of all on Wotlk we have dual spec, thus you can go one talent build as PvE, the other for PvP. If you want some hybrid build in PvP that is not a problem, it is not like someone could kick you out for it (talking world pvp and BG). However if your damage is not high enough in raids you might not and probably will not be taken next time. So yeah, if you want to raid, you need pure PvE dps spec with chosen talent tree.
However if you like the build you made, try to play it, test it and enjoy it. You might considering to link yout build here what exactly you mean.
If you want solo build, the fury+arms will not work. If you want to (try to) do some solo dungeons etc go for Arms and learn to switch stances and weapons. (see mainly Unrelenting Assault talent)
There is also a build of my own devise which I call Revenge spec. The Revenge spec is very strong against melee attackers. I use it for soloing some dungeons when bored, tanking some ICC start trash while waiting for proper tank etc. It is also perfectly usable agaisnt melee classes in PvP, but only melee. That being said if you meet a caster you are done basically. This is not exactly the build I use for my PvE endeavours. I tried to change it a bit to suit you "both PvE and PvP" demand. There is 5 points left to put wherever you might find them useful. I have not provided the glyphs but Rend is a must for sure. YOu can swithc soem stuff around concernign the talents. I myself haven't came up with a final look either. But Unrelenting Assault and Improved Revenge are a msut. Those talents are what gives the name to this spec.

P.S. I myself go further into Protection Stance (up to Imp. Def. Stance), taking only Unrelenting Assault in Arms tree for PvE (which you can't cause you need Juggernaut for PvP and Bladestorm is ofc also fine for PvP
Well that was the basic, you can play around with this more. Have fun playing ;)

P.P.S: Revenge build is not for raiding! Completely useless in raid environment (except aformentioned basic trash tanking).

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