Launcher crash

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Launcher crash

Post by SKITZOFRENIC » Thu Oct 29, 2020 12:46 am

Hey all,

I have been able to play just fine up until today.

I never needed to use the launcher to play I was able to play just from the wow icon and log in. Today the server went down and since then I have not been able to get back in. It just shows the servers are down. The site says they are up and I have friends who state they are in game.

So I decided to try the launcher again today to at least get everything updated and log back in.

This was the issue why I was not using the launcher in the first place. It crashes every single time. No matter how I run it. Administrator or otherwise it will stay up for about 30 sec. Download as much as it can in that 30 seconds and then just disappears. No error no warning just gone. I can bring it up over and over again but it always restarts the patch and about 30 sec later disappears. Its a constant cycle and I cannot fix it. Please help.

I can try and download the game0 client again but I literally have hours of setting worked on in my add ons and I do not want them to go away. I need some help here or it seems I will never be able to play

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