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[GUIDE] Recruit a Friend

Post by AYMELEK » Sat Dec 21, 2019 6:09 pm

Firstly, I'd like to make it clear that Recruit a Friend is a system implemented for the friends you recruit to WoW-Mania. The idea of it is to help introduce your friends to the server and enable you two to play together with extra benefits. Referred accounts older than two weeks are not eligible for this feature.

What are the benefits RAF?

If you comply with all the prerequisites you will receive the following benefits:

  1. x3 XP
  2. Summon a friend

What do I need to do to benefit from RAF?

We have a Blizzlike RAF as it was done on patch 3.3.5a. If you comply with all the needed prerequisites you will be able to summon your friend to your location and you will receive experience bonuses up to x3 the normal rate when in a group.

Below is a list of all pre-requisites needed:

  1. Be correctly linked to your friend or referer
  2. Playing together in a group/party with your friend
  3. Not more than 4 levels apart
  4. Both players below level 60

If you aren't in a party with your recruiter, you will not receive your bonus experience. If one of the players level outside the four-level restraint your bonus experience will be disabled until you closed the gap. Once you reach level 60, your bonus experience returns to the selected Wow-Mania amount.

The summon a friend feature is enabled by the same standards as the bonus experience gained. Having your friend on your friend list will enable an icon to click and then you will receive a summon cast bar before the summon is complete.


The Process of Recruit a Friend

Now, let's look at the process! There's a way to do a Recruit a Friend link: at account creation.

If you want to recruit your friend to the server, look at your Recruit a Friend ID (found on your profile on the website or in the profile URL in your browser). Have your friend add this RAF code when they create a new account. This will have your accounts linked to RAF!



Further information (new information may be added here as new questions might be raised):

There are currently no rewards for the recruiting player. Although from time to time we may have special promotions where you get a two-seat mount for example.

If you are recruiting yourself and get caught, you are most likely getting a ban. If you do not want a ban, do not do it.

Written by Kalasbyxan
Updated by Aymelek

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