[GUIDE] How to Vote Correctly

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[GUIDE] How to Vote Correctly

Post by Janitor » Mon Oct 21, 2019 5:57 pm

"Why am I not getting the rewards from voting? I vote every day!"

Below is a quick explanation of how to vote correctly and what could have resulted in you not receiving your Vote Points.

First the basics:
1. You can vote once every 24h per site.
2. Each IP will count only once (Only the account you voted from will be able to receive the vote points).
3. You must be logged in to our website for the votes to count.
4. The rewards are stored on your account until you collect them in-game (This means you can vote every day without logging into the game and still get all your VP's).

If you do everything right you should get up to 4 Vote Points.
We reward double Vote Points during weekends.

What can go wrong?
1. The voting site may not successfully register your vote (This is not our fault and we can unfortunately not do anything about that).
2. Someone in your household already voted from your IP address.
3. If you are using a proxy or VPN you might not get the reward.

You can see your stored Vote Points Here

You should also pay attention to your in-game chat once you login to your account.

If you encounter any problems by not receiving Vote Points there is, unfortunately, nothing we can do.
Keep in mind that the voting websites are the third party and not WoW-Mania related. We are not able to fix any kind of other issues according to the websites.

I hope this helps,
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