[Add-Ons] All the Addons by Starweaver

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[Add-Ons] All the Addons by Starweaver

Post by SLANIAXX » Sun Jan 28, 2024 7:55 am

Hi, it's Starweaver here.

I will be going through my add-on's folder today and explain each & every addon I use,
Please note that while I won't provide download links, you can simple google for them.

The purpouse off this list is to give a baseline on how a long-time player has set their addons and which functionalities they provide. There are often multiple alternatives to each addon, and/or larger UI addons that add mass-functionality like ElvUI and Carbonite.

i.e: For the Quartz addon, you should google "Quartz 3.3.5" on google, and that would give you a download link. I advise to download from Legacy-Wow if you are new to addons.

If at some point I am not lazy, I'll add pictures.

Please let me know if there are other addons I should add to this list.

Let's Start(Alphabetically):

1: Addon Control Panel (ACP): This addon adds the "Add-Ons" button to your ESC menu which navigates to "Interface -> Addons". Simple addon, but saves a bit of time.

2: AllStats: This addon shows all of your stats on your character (C) sheet at once in a clean frame.

3: Altoholic: This addon allows you to manage alts by easily being able to see which one of them has which profession, recipes, gear, items and currencies. Must have for anyone with 3+ alts.

4: Altas / Atlasloot / AtlasLootFu: These addons offer map functionality in dungeons&raids and show which items drop from where. Generally a good idea to have so you can plan your upgrades.

5: Bagnon: A simple bag addon that shows all of your bags merged in one giant bag. Much easier to see everything in my opinion.

6: Cheese:
An addon that allows you to see important procs on your screen in Cataclysm style graphics. Perfect for tracking Pyroblasts, KM procs, Clearcasting etc. Works on all classes.

7: CL_Fix: Super simple addon that automates Combat Log fixing macro, so you don't have to do it manually when it breaks.

8: DBM:
An addon that shows timers & warning for dungeon&boss events.
8.: DBM-SpellTimers: An extension to DBM that allows you to set timers for spellcasts. I generally use this to track some allied spells cd's like "Rebirth, MD and ToT" when I am raid leading.

Decursive: Very simple frame for curing debuffs on allied targets, also allows for easily CC'ing the mind controlled targets on relevant fights. Must have for all dispelling classes, especially if they are not healing (since healers will have their healing frame on which has similar functionality)

DrDamage: A powerful theorycrafting addon that will calculate the damage of each skill based on all current factors. The exact numbers are tuned to retail so must only be used as a comparison tool.

GearScore (Lite): A simple addon that shows a characters gear level in a numerical fashion. More accurate than ilvl as items with more stats will have more gearscore at same ilvl.

Healbot: A healing addon that allows you click-to-heal functionality. There are many alternatives to this, however a well-configured healbot is absolutely my choice.

13: MageNuggets: Class addon for Mages but really useful for all casters. It allows you to track important stats in a small frame on your screen. (Also has functionality for timers to track your procs, debuffs and buffs but I disable all of those since I use Cheese & WeakAuras for that functionality)

14: MikScrollingBattleText: This addon gives a cleaner look to your scrolling battle text so your screen isn't cluttered. Some configuration is beneficial on healing classes.

15: MinimapButtonFrame: This addon gathers all your small buttons on the minimap to an organized box. Must-have if you have 5+ addons.

Omen: This addon will show you the threat of each player on the boss. Must have for Raid Leaders, Paladins, Tanks and High-DPS. Please for the love of the Naaru, use this goddamn addon.

17: OmniCC: An addon that adds numerical timers to spell icons so you know exactly how many seconds until it's available.

18: oRA3: Powerful raid management addon that allows for spellcast tracking (similar to DBM spelltimers), auto-inviting, auto-giving-assist, auto-tank management, auto-disbanding etc.

19: OzRaid:
A raid frame addon that shows all members in a list view.

20: PallyPower:
Necessary addon for all paladins. Allows for easier buffing and managing auras.

21: PCValkMon: A simple frame that allows you to track Valkyrie HP, who is grabbed and Diminishing Returns on stuns on the Lich King fight. Must have for 25HC LK raid leaders imho.

22: PhoenixStyle: A raid-management addon with a lot of functionality.... however I just use to it for permanent marks. (i.e: If I put Star on a raid member with PS, no one is able to remove it, not even DBM)

23: Prat: A chat management addon that allows you to click links and copy chat.

24: Quartz: A much better cast bar, also has functionality for tracking buffs&debuffs so remember to disable that.

25: RaidBuffStatus: Raid management addon that allows you to track buffs, hp, mana etc. of your raid members...

26: RaidSlackCheck: ...and auto-whisper them inregards to missing buffs, food, flask, potion etc.

27: Recount: Just another meter for calcultating dps, damage, heals etc. Good to have as a player to observe growth and/or as a raid leader to track death causes or player fails.
(Note: Most raiders currently will advise you to use Skada or Details instead as they are considered to be more accurate. As I use the damage&healing calculations only for comparison, the exactness of the numbers aren't super important to me. As such I use recount since it plays well with all the other addons I have)

28: ShowMeWho: A simple addon I wrote so I can see who casted which buff on me.

29: SimpleUnitFrames: This addon allows you to see both the % and the exact number on health&mana bars. This is very useful for boss fights in ICC as phases are separated by %. Get this.

30: TidyPlates: Alternative nameplate addon that looks tidier.

31: TomTom:
A mapping addon that allows you to naviage to coordinates easily.

32: TradeSkillInfo: An addon that shows general information in regards to trade skills.

33: WeakAuras2:
Extremely potent addon that can cover the functionality of 70% of the addons Iisted here on it's own. Configuration is tricky, but it can track everything. Contact me if you need any help with setting up this addon.
(Note: WeakAuras3 is also backported and has much better functionality then WA2. The reason I use WA2 is that it's more stable for me and I have set configurations for every class&spec on WA2 already.)

34: WIM (WoW-Instant-messenger): An addon that allows you to track whispers in their separate windows and hide them during combat. Very useful to have.

35: MoveAnything: An addon that allows you to move every UI element.

36: Critline: An addon that remembers the highest crit/hit you dealt and shows it in a simple frame. Not really needed, but I like it.

---Honorable Mentions---

GatherMate2 / Gatherer: A great addon to track nodes on your map/minimap when farming. I don't have this, as I no longer farm.

TSM / Auctioneer / Auctionator: Good addons to manage Auction House actions. TSM requires extensive setup, so avoid that.

SuperDuperMacros: An addon that allows you to have longer macros.

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Re: [Add-Ons] All the Addons by Starweaver

Post by Jumiet » Fri Feb 16, 2024 3:46 pm

I recently had to purchase a new laptop but cannot find the add on downloads that I had before (thank goodness I saved a list) I cannot find the following:
CarboniteItems, CarboniteNodes and CarboniteTransfer (all I can find is Carbonite which doesn't have those in the file)
BonusScannerContinued 5.3

Can you help?

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Re: [Add-Ons] All the Addons by Starweaver

Post by Jumiet » Fri Feb 16, 2024 3:52 pm

I just found GathererHeadsUpDisplay, SkilletAc2, Slidebar and Stubby. But cannot find BonusScannerContinued 5.3 or the Carbonite items

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