Problem with voting

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Problem with voting

Post by Elsi89 » Mon Jun 27, 2022 12:10 pm

Hi my login is Elsi89 and i have problem. I always vote and i dont get maniacs point. In my home live my husband and he have too wow and he voting too and he dont take maniac. Why?
I understand one IP but one of us i think can take maniacs point :( Marmarohn is his main i dont know his login.
Can you help in this?


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Re: Problem with voting

Post by ZINIUS » Mon Jun 27, 2022 11:53 pm

Hi Elsi89

You dont get Maniac points from voting, You get Vote tokens that you then exchange for Maniac point from the Mall

You can take a look here when you have a few mins ... f=12&t=312

Hope this helps
Kind Regards
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