World and Event variable chat timers

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World and Event variable chat timers

Postby Slashmaster » Sat Nov 11, 2017 7:20 pm

My suggestion is very simple and I think it could go a long way in maintaining some order during times of stress on the server. A simple chat timer on the channel, that would stop a user from posting more than once every X amount of seconds. Anyone who was on this morning saw the World channel just flooded with spam about people crying about the one hour rollback, and a simple chat timer could solve that issue and keep the channels cleaner without having to involve GMs to control it. This would be specifically useful in the event channel during trivia. We've all seen that turd who makes a macro that spams the whole chat log full of answers, and noone else even gets to see the question. Realistically you wouldn't need this in World except at very specific times after a server crash or a rollback, or whatever gets people all wound up.
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