Arena Season 3 has ended.

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Arena Season 3 has ended.

Postby Kalasbyxan » Fri Jan 06, 2017 10:55 pm

Hello Maniacs!

Arena Season 3 has now ended. The winners can be found in the Arena Winners thread found in this forum.

This season shows a lot more players competing in arena and I am thrilled to see it! We also got a big record breaking amount of people crossing 2k rating. However this also shines a light on fixed matches, so called Win Trading. This is not allowed and a bannable offense. During season end, we managed to draw winners for the season as well as ban players of 4 teams for win trading. If you got proof for win trading players, please submit to the staff for a small reward.

Next arena season will be shorter and with it comes new rewarding system where more participants gets rewarded and the rewards will be PVP unique, making them only obtainable through PVP:ing. This include a custom title for winners and mounts plus pets. More information in our PVP changes thread, found in this forum.

Thank you for your participation in Season 3 and may Season 4 be our best yet!
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