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Postby Kalasbyxan » Wed Nov 02, 2016 12:59 pm


What do you mean by In-Game Support?
In-Game support is help regarding issues related to the playable game. This could be quests, spells, phasings, NPCs or player situations. GMs are not a wikipedia service to answer all your WoW questions. You can ask the World Chat (/join world) or google things yourself.

Before you open a ticket asking if a quest is bugged, check our GitHub Bugtracker for yourself! You find it here. You can also log your own issues for fixing if you find one (this is something you are likely asked to do when making a ticket anyway). For that, please go here. You can always check any report made by Kalasbyxan to see an example of how to properly report an issue.

How do I get help In-Game?
You go to your status bar and find the RED questionmark.


Then you click "Talk to a GM"


The information window reached is from the retail version of the game and some information is not 100% valid.


It says we are able to assist you no matter what character you are on, which isn't 100% true. For most issues, we need you online on the character experiencing an issue, which also should be the character you create your ticket on. It also says Game Masters are available 24 hours a day. Since all GMs on WoW-Mania work as volunteers, we do our best to keep a steady presence of GMs online but sometimes, there isn't enough GMs on to get you help soon enough. That's why you sometimes get replies through mail or experience longer waiting times. Also, all links provided are for retail WoW. You already found your way to the forum, so you know where to find most information regarding this server.

Once you know your issue needs to be dealt with by a Game Master, you click "Open a Ticket". You are then asked to describe your issue.


This is where you, as detailed as possible, describe your issue.
You should NOT write this "Need help", "quest bugged" or anything else 99% uninformative. What you should do is desribe your issue similar to this:


Once you finished your ticket and click "Submit", you will see your ticket is active by this on your screen:


At the moment, it says there is a high amount of tickets. This means there are many tickets total and the wait time might be long. It can also say there is a low number of tickets and you can expect help soon, but this information is subjective as there might be a low amount of tickets, but only one GM on, harder issues active or something else that keeps your waiting time long.

Eventually, you will get help. Either by a GM talkig to you or a response in your mail.
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