Easy How to start guide

Just follow the simple steps below to start playing today.

We try to keep the info in this section as simple and as short as possible in a way that will suit 90% of the cases. If however you encounter any issues not covered here please first check our forums and do some reasearch.

As much as we would like to help all of you and cover all possible different types of harware, OS, location, etc. we have limited resources and will count on you to do a minimum of homework before calling for help. Thank you!

World of Warcraft

  Step #1 - Register
Go to the "Register" page and register an account with us.
  Step #2 - Download the Game   Step #3 - Setup Realmlist.WTF (optional - other clients)   Step #4 - Launcher   Finished!   Support


  Step #1 - Install
WoW-Mania provide our players with a top of the line a private TeamSpeak Server. High quality sound and clear communication for Raids and PvP.

To use the in-game chat you will need to download and install TeamSpeak 3 Client.

  Step #2 - Connection Details   Finished!


  Step #1 - Install
WoW-Mania has also its own private chat server for in-game communication. Although this is entirely optional it's highly recommended, especially during instances and raids, and why not just to catch-up with your friends while you play.

To use the in-game chat you will need to download and install Mumble Client.

  Step #2 - Connection Details