Idea for 2x XP weekend

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Idea for 2x XP weekend

Postby dibbie » Sun Jun 24, 2018 11:29 am

Im not sure how complex this would be to implement, though something maybe worth considering is instead of having a message in the game chat popping up every x minutes reminding players its double XP weekend, you could convert it into a timeless buff thats cast on all players below lvl 80 every time they log in, so people wont have to ask "is it 2x xp started yet?" "is 2x xp over?", etc, they can just look at their buffs - and additional feature you COULD maybe add (and this is where it could get complex), is allowing players to remove the buff after they log in, to NOT receive the 2x XP bonus during the weekends if they so choose, but would get it if they relog anyway, so they'd just have to remove it again.

I feel that could cater to both groups of players who enjoy 2x weekend xp and those who dont, also makes it a little more obvious for players who might be in different timezones then the server. Given, we could always check the in-game clock and calendar, but... Who does thaaaat!?
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