Please Consider Tweaking the mail LK set

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Please Consider Tweaking the mail LK set

Postby Boyangy » Fri Jun 22, 2018 1:37 am

I have just bought a mail LK set and the stats on it seem to be disappointing. There are 3 spellcaster pieces in the set and 2 set bonuses for hunter (if the set was made for hunter i don't see a reason for the 3 spellcaster pieces) and i don't really benefit from these caster pieces that much as an Enhancement Shaman. I am wondering if there can be a revamp on the mail set since the mail LK set weirdly has 3 spellcaster pieces which is not viable for caster mail classes nor for agility mail classes (since it contains both kind of gear). I understand that the website says to check the armory for stats on the sets but if i were to purchase the leather set i'd lose a lot of additional intellect that's on agility mail gear that could prove useful for a hunter and enhancement shaman. It would be great if the mail LK set could be tweaked (the plate LK set is viable for both plate tanks and dps) and it doesnt seem fair that the mail set is in such a weird way.
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