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Spectating Suggestion

Postby Baguettalla » Sat Apr 07, 2018 11:28 pm

I was spectating some arenas today, since I've got nothing better to do with my life at the moment. I realised that it could be hard to know when people are queuing 2s & 3s when you're in the mall, so I thought I 'd just bring up the idea of putting a spectate murloc in Dalaran sewers, just so it could be efficient for those that are trying to peep ;)
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Re: Spectating Suggestion

Postby stefannel » Sun Apr 08, 2018 10:58 am

I think the arena process itself is quite unhelpful.

In wow vanilla, people actually had to run to specific areas to queue for specific battlegrounds: (eg:run to arathi Highlands to queue for arathi basin, Tarren Mill to queue for Alterac Valley via specific NPCs). This process would 100% not work in these days on most servers, unless they have like 200 people (100Horde 100 ally) that are pvp-ing at any given time. (10 for av, 10 aB, 10 wsg, rest areas etc).
Thus being said, Blizzard realized the same process (sluggish queueing process) is happening for arenas so they added to possibility to queue for arenas from anywhere on the map on Cataclysm expansion (same like you queue for RBG on wotlk).

I would like to extend you suggestion to allow to queue for arenas + queue for spectate from anywhere on the map.
It could be possible by implementing a command .queue2a / .queue3a OR .queue2p / .queue3p (arena and practice..as you can also queue as "practice" arena not rated arenas). Same could be done in order to spectate .spectate2a.
As you can probably know, many people don't queue because they think (and it might be real) it is a waste of time. And I agree: it is a waste of time to wait at least 10 mins in Dalaran/Horde capital city to enter a fight (if any) when you can explore/do quests/gather/mine stuff/fishing while waiting.

Have a nice weekend
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