(Race Dark iron)The Dark Iron rises again! (Suggestion)

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(Race Dark iron)The Dark Iron rises again! (Suggestion)

Postby Prium » Sat Aug 10, 2019 4:49 pm

Heyo! Prium here; I want to suggest that the Dark Iron dwarves be a race of their own since it seems items mesh with them already, and to make them a Neutral faction!

Starting zone:Faction start area would be passed the Blackrock depths instance without being in instance portal itself.

Custom Quests Quests about deceit, yknow the gooey juicyness of how Senators and even the King!Deceived most of their army.

Split off from the faction to then use a 1 time only Dark Iron transporter that could be part of the quest at the end.
Dark Iron Transporter: creating a portal to either Elwyn Forest or Durotar.

PVP: When queing for pvp they'd use a system that would place them into a pot, going either which way depending on what was needed to que get a que going, forcing them into the role of horde or alliance flags.
PVE: Can join any raid available so long as they had the ID open

World PvP:This could be a custom flag but with little effort it could just be a FFA flag, for anyone who wanted to turn and take everyone on!

Fury of Ragnaros(Racial Active): increasing magic damage dealt; (Buffable) This spell is already in the game, I'd say for the effects already on it, it would be balanced for all levels without change from its original values it has in the dungeon.

Ragnaros's Strength(Racial Active): Molten effect around the Dark iron's hands allowing the dwarf to become 200 in fire resistance (Stackable with other buffs) as well as a critical strike buff giving 10% for 10 seconds

Mace Specialization(Racial passive) Hit rating and expertise increased by 3

Emblazoned skin(Racial passive)Giving a 15 to Fire resistance

Chattering Twilight(Racial Passive): Can understand any form of speech from Azeroth's humanoids.

Classes for the Dark Iron: Paladin,priest,warrior,hunter,rogue.

Lore: Idealy we've already defeated the Firelord, but he just keeps comin' back in our intsances it seems! This could at least weaken his grasp upon the Dark Iron, it being such a enourmous faction already, it wouldn't be too hard to think that some may had defected, looking for their own glory!

I know this may seem a bit much, but I really really wanna be a Dark iron dwarf xD Ya, theres a item in brd that does just that but an actual one? Doesnt seem so bad! : ) What do ya think? I'd love to hear about it :3
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