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is zygor guides allowed

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is zygor guides allowed

Postby Djahakar » Fri Aug 09, 2019 7:56 pm

hello i want to start wow again on this wonderfull server and getting some addons ect and i found a addon named zygor guides it says it uses smart injection or something and i dont know if that is against the rules and i want to make sure of it is before i start i searched on the forums of wow mania and found 2-3 topics about it and they ask if the addon works and that is confirmed if the addon is made for patch 3.3.5a but i cant find nothing about if its allowed? i want to say sorry for my bad english its not my first language and i want to say sorry if i posted in the wrong section and my noob qeustion i wish everyone reading this a wonderfull day!! :D :D
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