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NAXXRAMAS game master problems?

Posted: Sun Oct 03, 2021 7:13 pm
by electorite2
i understand game masters do not get paid, however can a game master go through tickets at least once a week on naxx? it's been several days since i opened a ticket.

i'm not trying to create drama, but i heard from a player (of which i cannot verify this) 2x weeks ago a game master told them 'switch to redemption' and told them to 'message janitor to get their level 13 character switched' for no apparent reason. it's one thing if a player complains about something about a particular realm, but why would a gm tell a player to change to a different realm for no reason other than population? there are multiple raids every week on naxx and high level instances every single day. the player told me they didn't want to change realms and they didn't want to message janitor. i couldn't see the player's conversation with the gm so i cannot verify or see if there was a reason the gm told the player to switch, but the player didn't mention anything negative about naxx in our extended conversation. the vast majority of players who play on both servers write how naxx is a very friendly realm.

maybe give gms more incentive so they are more attentive to tickets?