First look

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First look

Postby torbatron » Mon Mar 11, 2019 6:48 am

Ok i manage to get to server and start playing.First at all if you are new to this realms as i'm very important the registration what you probably will make first is ONLY for forums.Is not your ingame account.Once when you get registered and you are allowed to read/post in forums search for ingame account creation.So if you want to play cataclysm make sure you register your account as cataclysm content.My first register was by defaut and i get wrath content with locked worgen/goblin.So i have to make a second account and this time i carefullyl chec is a cataclysm level.I do not find any posible way to upgrade your wrath account so even if have some is too well hidden.After some obstаcles i manage to get in game start a human done first 7-8 quests all worked fine.Everything seems prety good so i decide to turn to a weak spot at most of cataclysm private realms worgen(goblin) start zones and death knights.I can't make a DK to test starting zone so i make a worgen.Everything went good all worked except some minor bug with missed animation but nothing else.And at level 10 the problem strike me and make me give up of future tests.At level 10 i got in bags some ticked curency with tooltip i can change to some gear, mounts etc in custom mall shop.I got the teleporter stone so i ues it to chek this mall.Got ported to GM island no way to get back unless a HS but a worgen HS port me in empty gilneas locked inside town where was first part of quests.I will still tracking a progress of this server but probably wont give a try because i do not like donator shit item malls and anything game breaking.
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Re: First look

Postby Aymelek » Mon Mar 11, 2019 9:45 am

Hello there

If you had looked better into our forum, you will realise that Cataclysm is still an Alpha Realm, being tested and fixed atm. On same context - looking better on the forum - you could also find that GM's are upgrading accounts to players be able to create worgens and goblins - no need for new account.

And you know what? Is all on same post... viewtopic.php?f=43&t=2219

I think, and hope, this will make you think over your post.
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Re: First look

Postby Metaxa » Mon Mar 11, 2019 5:15 pm

I stopped reading after the first two sentences, hate it when someone doesn't use spaces/stops in a story.
Glad you answered that one.

Anyway, you got your answer, enjoy the game.

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