Herbalism trick !

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Herbalism trick !

Postby svitol » Sun Jan 27, 2019 8:10 am

Well i won't link or copy&paste one of those guides who everyone can easily find searching like "wow wotlk herbalism" but there's a little secret that maybe not everyone know so..why to not share ? Aren't we playing the same game , even if opposite factions (i'm Horde) ?

Anyway, you will get "stuck" at a certain point because certain zones are REALLY poor of herbs, Arathi highlands are one of those...and it's a real pain to walk/fly around just to grab like 3 herbs ! What you can do is : ask to buy "herbalism gloves" ! They gives +5 on herbalism and add also +5 herbalism by enchanting wich makes you +10 . This won't affect the real skill but you CAN pass over those kinda empty zones and go over, where herbs are plenty.

The recipe is sold on Alliance-side only so if you're Horde ask on World chat (world chat IS great !) and you will find someone who can help you . Alliance players can also craft those gloves and sell through the neutral Auction House ( Tanaris etc etc ) .

Believe me : it works ! I mastered Herbalism from 0 to 450 in a couple days.

Well that's is for now. Happy gathering !

Scafroglia, Horde shaman.
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Re: Herbalism trick !

Postby Psygoa » Sun Jan 27, 2019 6:09 pm

Hello Svitol

That is a nice hint you are giving for gathering herbs

Thank you
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Re: Herbalism trick !

Postby Barnes77 » Sun Jan 27, 2019 10:41 pm

Thanks, Scafroglia!
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Re: Herbalism trick !

Postby svitol » Mon Jan 28, 2019 9:01 am

Anytime :)
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Re: Herbalism trick !

Postby Ellwyz » Sun Aug 11, 2019 10:19 pm

Herbalist's Gloves !!!

From vendor in Ashenvale

https://www.wowhead.com/item=7361/patte ... sts-gloves
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