Alterac Valley Tweaks

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Alterac Valley Tweaks

Postby Prium » Mon Dec 03, 2018 6:18 am

Hey peeps! I had an idea that may bring veterens and new players alike into the experience of Alterac Valley.
Lets talk about the benefits of Alterac Valley
#1 Quests- Plenty of one off quests and redoable quests, resulting in banding the war effort
#2 Experience - Npcs guard flags..though at 80 they dont grant Exp, are still quite enjoyable to deal with having been one of my favorite types of immersion in a PvP map, as well as dropping items worth a dang for the war Effort for each side
#3 Professions- Skinning, fishing.. thats all i got here.

For most of the Veterens out there, this is all redundant..but hear me out because even though you know this, how much is Alterac Valley actually used in Redemption? In my opinion not enough... at all.
I'm proposing or suggesting that the limit of players to activate Alterac valley be stricken down from 15/15 to 3/3. It seems quite crazy to put it down at such extend but think of this, world chat proc Alterac Valley as starting, people whom are in it do things for the war effort...even taking banners that take away reinforcements, what I'm thinking is it could be up all the time, in doing this Im pretty sure you cant take ALL of the reinforcements down with only a few so that adds to it, taking objs people getting in and seeing how mnay reinforements are left whether to stay or not..(Obviously deserter debuff still is awsome).
Another reason why I'm pushing this particular Bg is there are no Vehicles, this is a breath of fresh air to the Current Wg aspect, many things to explore in Alterac as well as facing npcs to get what you desire...Also players! I feel it would be a true pvp experience that could shape the pvp aspect entirely for Redemption.
As for Pvp Mania tokens for the Alterac, I recommend 5-8; Why? Alterac bg itself can be long, wih npcs respawning dwindling the opposing sides reinforcements as well as capping reinforcement points and mines. Make no mistake, if there are a vast number of 1 side, they can win the game regardless of the reinforcements that are at the top middle of the screen.

In my opinion this will keep players longer, having a longer play time due to the rewards from alterac and the life blood of being in a group of people thinking of different strategies outside of just holding a flag and capping in wsg or Vehicular manslaughter in Wintergrasp.

Thank you for reading! : )
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Re: Alterac Valley Tweaks

Postby stefannel » Tue Dec 04, 2018 12:20 am

Thank you for your opinion.
I don't think it's a problem with the requirenemnt (15 15 or 10 10 or 5 5) but it's a matter with the people. Not enough people queue because ..why to queue ?
Lowering the requirenments would only get you to pvp 3 vs 3. That would just be sad. And lonely.
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Re: Alterac Valley Tweaks

Postby Prium » Wed Dec 05, 2018 5:11 am

Youd be right, if it only had 3 people join and didn't have a system to bring more people into 1, Its the idea of it being content not available as much as it could be, to have a BG thats always open to people that has aspect of PVE, PVP, and of course wierd quirks that make the Bg its own Bg would be more embraced. Again ya dont wanna get smashed by vehicles when ya walk in on a Giant World event based on pvp?
Join a similar one that is more engrossed without vehicles, has more Npcs,More quests and even its own rep. Id personally feel a enourmous Bg like Alterac that is as simple as it is would be very beneficial to have it nearly always open to the players. When I mean open, Im not talkin about available, im referring to a Bg thats always open as an alternative; have a 3v3 que up for players would make it easier to make it more then always been open. Player who may pvp more often would have another area they could stay in then wait for the next Wintergrasp or try to advertise for arenas or Warsong gulch, which so many I feel try to do; but with not enough bites to sustain. It may help as a continuation attempt on pvping continuously getting honor continuously.
From my experience most of the Warsong Gulch battles are 1 sided having the opposing faction barely if at all que for the next one while the winner grow strong in queing overqueing for warsong. Alterac could be the bridge for Pvpers and Pvers alike for continuous PvP in an actual Bg rather then a World Event.

Thank you for your response and feeback! : 3
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