Gear and ideas

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Gear and ideas

Postby Prium » Thu Nov 15, 2018 11:08 am

Hello worldchat and Gm chat alike! :evil:
Prium here laying down some Ideas and suggestions!

Starting off with itemizations I had been wondering if there could be a new spreadsheet of items we hadn't seen before, not for payment of real world money but of Vote points! Here me out, ever thought of personalizing your raid gear to be better then it is now? No? Fine! I'm on my own then; My suggestion had been to create new 219/232/251 gear on a spreadsheet that uses the same states and ideas that had been in the previous exspansions, what do i mean? Well! I had noticed some recipes pertaining to Jewelcrafting that were level 70 that had given the team some crit of party bonus...Just a big mechanic in itself but lets move on to something more simple, Blizzlike is always good, and so that being said each item level gear item of the numbers above could fit the areas of which the item level came from example 219 sounds like 25 man naxx or ulduar 10 man, Naxxramas had some amazing models and artwork behind it so an example of the stats could be for a new trinket thats a bit wonkey and noone asked for but may be viable stats being 85 Nature resistence as the base main stat and its use being copied and pasted from an older trinket liiike say The Scarab Broach from Ahn Qiraj providing your magical heals with a shield thats 15% of this particular heal (Bubble) Lasting 30 seconds with a 3 minute cooldown, obviously it can be tweaked, toned down, mixed match with stats, whatever but something unique and hey since it sounds like something from naxxramas why not add a Naxxramas type name feels to it like "Loatheb's Wandering Spore" Something jank,out of the blue yet able to live in the world of wrath, maybe even add its own lil lore description if your really feeling lore heavy. Another name for a trinket, Thaddius's Right eye, a trinket providing Nature damage having a base stat as haste and then its effect giving a positive debuff for 2% damage increase for 30 seconds with a 1 minute cooldown Something out of the blue but it does pertain to the fight where negatives and positives occur. Now that example is a little bit more complicated but even simplistic items and weapons are good too!

Vote Points
Pertaining to vote points I feel the items that could be implemented above should correlate to vote points against a Merchant of its own found it...Say Dalaran in a part of Dalaran Noone usually frequents that should! A Shop. For example "Curiosities and Moore" Dalaran Shop. The item levels 219 being 39 vote points per item (Trinkets being 7 more then the other items) 232 being 59 vote points, and 251 being 83 Vps(Trinkets being 100 for 251)
I feel this will get the Vote points flowing more because it shows how artistic and creative the creators can be while having some spare time on their hands. Also If its any constellation at all, I'd love to have a chest armour (219) implemented thats just 3 sockets 1 yellow 1 red 1 blue with. The attributes being 20 stamina 20 agility 20 intellect 20 spirit 20 strength and adding a green attribute of like 120 haste ( xD) The Picture being a Dalaran chest peice called "Jeeves' Lucky Shirt."
Harmless fun items like these that entail some theory crafting behind them.

Other Suggestions
With all these types of items being implemented one has to wonder, what about Enchants? Gems? Maybe Glyphs? Allow me to explain some of them
Gems have been around for a while, but have ya ever thought of making your own? Well! Think of this...a Red gem that gives 50 Hp5! Heals per 5 seconds, an older stat brought back with Onyxia! The recipe to craft 1 takes 10 Vote points from your local Jewelcrafter in dalaran along with other ideas...such as a green gem having Defense and Mp5 on it! A direct take from the old TBC green gems. You see where I'm going with this. Def and Mp5 gems can be altered easily acording to other gems that sport those stats just ripping their number off and slapping it on there for diversity of gem types! being 10 Vps.

Bringing back the olden Enchants with a twist, either copy pasting to scale em up a bit and renaming em? Sounds pretty cool to me! Making the Enchants now Reputation found being 10 vote points upon being revered at the local quartermasters like Kirin tor! renaming them to fit their specific factions! Argent crusade bringing back their enchants from their glory days of the argent dawn! They dont have to be game breaking but think of it as another option to choose from!
Now I know there are newer glyphs and im referring to minor glyphs for now since major glyphs sound gamebreaking >.< But what if I wanted to be a dead looking tree as a druid, having the old model looked good! Why cant I have that option? Maybe a glyph to revert to that model instead as a minor glyph wouldnt be so bad? Thats actually the only suggestion I have for a druid...Lol dont even play a druid and I'd like that, 10 vps for the glyph

This is what had been from the top of my head, I'm sure people would comment on their ideas, hell even gms having ideas of their own! I don't really expect this to be something implemented but it would be nice to have more things to strive towards instead of just mounts,pets, and toys for me at least on the vote points side of things.

Thank you for reading if you've gotten this far!
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Re: Gear and ideas

Postby TwEirMAdAInG » Tue Nov 20, 2018 3:42 am

Some constructive criticism: I really struggled reading this.
Wall of text and needs a proof-read.

new 219/232/251 gear on a spreadsheet that uses the same states and ideas that had been in the previous exspansions,

"States"? Do you mean stats? I still don't know what you mean by that.
What do you mean by spreadsheet? Literally a spreadsheet (why?) or simply a table?

Is this a long-winded way of saying re-implement BC gear with higher Item Levels?

Pertaining to vote points I feel the items that could be implemented above should correlate to vote points against a Merchant of its own found it...


If you clean this up, I'll definitely come back and try reading it again though, appreciate the effort put into it.
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Re: Gear and ideas

Postby Allureana » Wed Dec 26, 2018 5:34 pm

I'd love it if WoW-Mania could add these things in one way or another:
The first two requests, I hope are able to be added by the WoW-Mania team.
They've already proved themselves capable of adding mounts up to and including Legion class mounts and RAF mounts.
Adding an item of clothing shouldn't be that hard, either (I hope).

The Obsidian Nightwing mount - add to the shop, just like the X-53 rocket already is.
Give it the same flying permissions as the X-53.
Yes, I know the Vial of Sands and X-53 both already allow one to get passenger carrying flying mounts, but I really like the looks and freedom of flying as the elegant Obsidian Nightwing.
I'd happily pay £20.00 - £30.00 for the Obsidian Nightwing if it were in the WoW-Mania Shop and worked with the same rules as the X-53.

Sandrene's Invisible Vest ... sible-vest
Preferably add it back as the original level 31 quest drop with the quest drops being CHOOSEABLE by ANY class of character capable of actually wearing Leather. Blizzard screwed it up later in Retail WoW by changing restrictions so that it could no longer be selected from the available quest drops unless that character was both a certain class AND a certain race AND specifially ONLY a leather wearer! Demon Hunters who could wear leather, were entirely denied access to the quest. Death Knights who could technically wear Plate, Mail, Leather, or Cloth, are now denied this vest (though I already had several DK's who earned the level 31 drop by doing the quests BEFORE Blizzard imposed the restrictions. I laughed when my retail DK wore her (grandfathered) Sandrene's Invisible Vest, earned from before Blizzard imposed the restrictions. Only Druids or Monks can get it now in Retail. WoW-Mania can do better than that. :) Heck, just add it into the shop for £20.00 if you prefer. Let anyone who could wear Leather or higher armor put it on. Sadly, the quest line was added only one expac after WoW-Mania's current game level, but hey, we have Worgens and Goblins anyway, right? Kudos for the WoW-Mania developers!

The Skimpy Demonleather Vest (make it wearable by anyone, at any level 20 or higher, who could normally wear leather) - ... =3466:1472
I don't care if it's added as a quest or simply put in the online Shop. People would buy it.
It would probably need to be just put in the shop, since its retail quest line is way above this game version.
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Postby Willardingef » Sat Dec 29, 2018 4:52 pm

hi all
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Re: Gear and ideas

Postby elitist » Fri Jan 04, 2019 5:45 am

I use heroics to get gear
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