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Postby Meneltel » Sat May 11, 2019 7:31 pm

Last Friday, my computer went offline and after a few days of phone help with cable, it was determined that my ethernet card, while still working, is not working properly and I can not get online. Money is very tight so I do not know when I can get a new one or the money to put it in so would people please tell my guild leader Torque of Ginyu Force that I am offline for the duration until money situation improves (and that doesn't look until this fall). I will be back when I can, but not in the NEAT future, unless we get blessed. My computer works, just not connecting to online and my cousin uses his laptop (which im on while he is napping) so I am at least able to make a post about it.

Good luck and may all your drops be purple ones!

I wont be checking back here for a least a week or so as I have to arrange usage of his laptop when I can.
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