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Emblem of Heroism for trade (sale)

Posted: Sat May 07, 2022 12:47 pm
Hello everyone.
I have idea about old players who are lazy and don’t wanna do dungeons or boss killing in RAIDS for emblem of heroism. Now look on my idea:
1. Only one NPC in Mall can trade emblems of heroism.
2. This npc is for Horde and Alliance.
3. Amount of it, Depend of players buy/sell.
4. If lot of players sell lot of it, gold in return will be small. Example: players sell to npc 1.000.000 emblems of heroism. Now, all players can gain only 1 silver each emblem of heroism. Buy if NPC has only 10 emblems, in this case players gain over 100 gold each, etc… It will be work in other direction to. If player wanna buy 10 emblems of heroism from 1.000.000 avaible, pay only 1 silver each. So the cost buy/sell depend from players.
5. This will „motivate” old lazy players to do dungeons, to gain some more emblems of heroism for gold trade.
6. All players will have more chances to gain dungeons quicker.
7. Less „AFK” problems in Dalaran players.
8. Less mining/herbalism problems on map.
9. Better game improved :) more alts in game and new players
10. All happy ;)

Re: Emblem of Heroism for trade (sale)

Posted: Mon May 09, 2022 2:00 pm

You can downgrade EoT to EoH and buy Epic Gems in Dalaran.