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    All pending applications have been removed from the forum and are saved.

    If you have applied but haven't received any response yet, your applicationform is being evaluated or is denied.

    If you don't get a response within three weeks, consider it denied. This does not always mean that we don't think you cannot do the job, we look at more things like team balance, time we can offer to introduce you and current team changes.

    Your application will be saved for the future.


    All future applications should be emailed to chivas.wowmania@gmail.com instead of posted on the forum, for details see Delroy's post on the forum about applying for Gamemaster.


    For the Application rules and the Application form please go to this link http://www.wow-mania.com/forums/topic/2897


    Have a nice day,


    Gamemaster Chivas.

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    So we cant update them anymore :( ive been updating mine almost daily on the new stuff i have done and ways ive helped :| would i have a better chance at just starting over on a application because im really dedicated to this server, im on daily chatting with people all day..