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    Good News Everyone!

    Frostmourne (Dev) Realm is open for testing and we need all the help from you!

    What we are looking for?

    • People who like to find bugs and issues, then are able to report them in a clear and brief way.
    • People who want to see if the pvp server will meet expectations, and will be able to write down their toughts and suggestions, without asking for features,
    • People who are willing to help the server and make it grow better and more!
    • People, people and again people!


    You will be able to try and play as much as you want, without any restrictions.

    We suggest to try and get the strangest and oddest achievements and things you may come up with.


    Keep in mind, as it is a testing phase, all the data, items achievements will be erased, wiped out. so don't get attached to your beloved server first achievements, or some items you will find and get, they will be gone once the test phase ends, to give the opportunity to all other players to get them.


    If you want an invitation to the testing group, simply reply in this thread, possibly with the character name you want to copy from Redemption, and Janitor will add you on the whitelist.


    Also, to all who will participate we will later give some compensation prize for the help you give!


    So spread the voice and HAPPY GAMING!

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    I wouldn't mind joining - Feel free to add my warrior: Nifles

    If I answer a support post. Please remember, I am not a supporter of the server, but just a person wanting to help.
    So the suggestions I come with, are on your own responsibility.
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    I'd totally be down to help.


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    I am interested in helping out. Is it possible to copy two characters? I only ask so that I will have a healer and a tank on the server. The two characters are (in order of priority to be copied) Snuke (paladin) and Mittromney (Warrior). I look forward to helping out the server in any way I can!


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    You have my bow. "Malace"


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    This could be fun. :) If you wouldn't mind copying over Character, my main toon. :)


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    I try to help out on the forums and in-game when I can.

    Disclaimer: I am not a staff member. I am a player of the game like you and everyone else. My goal is to help you when I can in-game and on the forums. Anything I say is my own opinion and will not be held against me. I do not speak on behalf of the WoW-Mania staff.


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    Here are the instructions to join:

    1. Send me message on Skype and give me your login name.
    2. Download this patch: https://mega.nz/#!CAhCSbwB!YCpuimSju_s8-PnDllRKUPstWXJETIiAy1iT3hXez9g
    3. Place it in your Data\enGB folder and override existing ones when prompted.
    4. Login to Trinity realm

     I will pass more instructions via Skype for those that joined.

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    When Janitor calls ,

    We listen laugh.


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