A new pet WoW-Mania Style

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A new pet WoW-Mania Style

Postby Prium » Sat Jun 08, 2019 7:36 am

Hello fans and bans! I've got a idea on creating a new pet specifically by WoW-Mania itself.

I propose that said pet would be the exact model of the Scholomance 1st guards you see, but miniature sized with the capability of being a trader for said player.
Examples of what I mean by merchant being horde gruntling or the trader merchant pet from BC, this would shine in the sense that it could be only obtainable by vote points, rewarding said voters with a rather unique as heck minion of their own.
Selling basic necessities such as food,water,scrolls,and a couple possible (3) buy on maniac points; only being available for buying every 12-24 hours..even 16 hours is good.The next part is a lil out there but a pet able to battle other pets for their newfound master!
Battling other pets seems kind of brutish, but seeing this lil buggers fight eachother with a shield bash,heroic strike, or even a knockback effect would give some cool interaction between voters pets. Most pets have extremely low Health points, so the only real interaction there would be for a real battle would be between 2 said pet minions :3.
Voter Points for this pet I would say around 150-200 vote points to acquire this pet,buying Any Lich king set would also grant them this pet, having the lil minion be Bind on Account.
Real Money The pet being a staple of Wrath of the Lich king going for 5-10 pounds!

Thank you for reading this suggestion for a new WoW-Mania created pet, please feel free to comment!I feel this pet could really be something great! : )
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