fel hunter aka Mage Killer

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fel hunter aka Mage Killer

Postby pbeleven4 » Mon Apr 22, 2019 2:00 pm

The Felhunter is obtained at the earliest level 30 through a series of quests, and just like the Voidwalker, it has more specific usage. This one handles casters well, as it has a 6 to 8 seconds Spell Lock it can use every 30th second. Spell Lock, as every single caster should know and hate if used during a spell cast, will stop you from being able to cast that nature of the spell. Let us say you are casting a Shadowbolt, and something spell locks you. You will not be able to cast any shadow spells before the duration of the Spell Lock has run out. You can, of course, cast spells of other types(like Fire spells), but the great thing about the Felhunter's Spell Lock is that it adds a 3-second silence, in addition, making it a lot more lethal.
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I would like to improve the point of interests, however, has held by Fel hunter seems to provoke Enemy Caster's mark redeemed on spell cast over 8 seconds redeemed on main, hadn't gained any health points over scam just let me to use Invisibility that makes you very busy over 8 seconds (improving statistics countdown, finishing lockpicking or using refreshing Arcane Intellect on main)
while imprisoned over 8 seconds that ripping all schools that makes you groggy,
that's enough for silencer this makes him flaws backward has held casting by four pages of reading all schools via channeled one, I'm asking why is Fel hunter not sorted by schools of magic to regain his manners while setting a new spell cast for sure is fel hunter apart(settled by member Porac and Giverpng) of nature

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