Leather Lich King Armor

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Leather Lich King Armor

Postby Kindly » Sun Feb 24, 2019 12:50 pm

I would like to suggest a small change on the Leather Lich King Armor set http://www.wow-mania.com/armory/?itemset=2002

Am i on the right page? should i use GitHub? i dont know, its not a bug technically. Please let me know!

This is a melee set that has more hit than any melee class would ever need.
11.99% Melee hit, With no enchants or gems or anything, With only 9 items equipted!
Consider If you equipt Your BiS Ashen Verdict reputation ring http://www.wow-mania.com/armory/?item=50402 You end up With 452 hit, translating to 13,78% Melee Hit chance.
Hit cap is at 263 for 8%,
Nobody needs more than 8%, and thats without hit talents!

In fact looking over the stats, the set looses all merit together With the other Things its missing:
1-Too low expertise (Your gems would go into expertise instead of Agi/arp/stamina(bear)

2-set (7bonus)http://www.wow-mania.com/armory/?spell=71404 is useless at high end gear for the Feral-Cat and combat rogue since they both prioritise being armorpen hardcapped.

3-The Agility Cloak is no good for Bear tanks, due to low stamina in comparrison to the Strength ones available. and if you were to choose the only 277 STR tanking cloak instead, well that one has Hit on it, meaning even more wasted stats.

4-Weak setbonuses compared to both the tier 10sets and the plate lich king armor set, especially when tanking, since these offer no defensive values.

those 4 things together with the absurd amount of Hit that is taking away usefull stats mean that this set is nowhere near what a 283 ilvl set should be imo.

I only suggest that you change hit stats into something else.
For instance, change the hit from 2 set items, and one of those specificly into expertise, to avoid making the player invest a whopping 5gems into expertise.

This change would:
- Still keep you real Close to hit cap, you would want Maximum 1 item With hit on the side (i argue this reasonable because reputation rings all have hit and are easily obtainable BiS items for all classes)
- the set7 bonus would still be useless for cat/rogue at high end gear
- the stats on the set overall would still not be optimal for either combat rogue or feral druid

however the set might be allright then (near the Worth of 271-277 armor imo.), and i would consider possibly investing in it, most likely still replacing most items With dropped gear when obtained.
Thank you for considering my thoughts :)

P.S. I realize other Lich King armor sets have problems too, but please let my suggestion stand alone, bring up other issues seperately on Your own topics and avoid interfering with my attempt to adress this specific problem.
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