Couple things "to be clear" :)

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Couple things "to be clear" :)

Postby svitol » Sun Jan 13, 2019 10:01 am

First of all ...i'm using to go to the Alliance territory to farm animals to level cooking...unfortunately some stuff doesn't exist on Horde territory so i "have to" . That said, if someone who's levelling (on Alliance side) see me ( i'm a shaman, name is Scafroglia ) you don't have to be worryed. I'm NOT the kind of player who do some nasty stuff, nor i do pvp outside the battleground. Doesn't matter the level . I WILL help if i see someone who aggro "too much" , even if from the opposite faction. This is my kind of game, oh well.

The second thing is : sometimes i see some "join guild" request....wich i'm not responding. Well i won't be rude but i'm working on my gears, reputations here and there to get better gears etc etc. Unfortunately i did a BIG mystake and took the Elemental set instead of the Resto one (on the Mall) so this makes me a "bad" healer for now . Yep i LOVE to be a healer on raids but i just have the wrong i'm sorry also to those who keep asking for healers and i can't be "one of".

For now :)
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Re: Couple things "to be clear" :)

Postby Meneltel » Sun Jan 13, 2019 10:41 pm

You can heal for them, they just have to take it much slower than they are used to. But slow is better than waiting for a real healer to join! If you are asked, make it clear your situation, if they are still willing to take you, give it a try! The worst is that you CANT heal for them and you all go back to waiting for a real healer. Oh and a few repair bills...
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Re: Couple things "to be clear" :)

Postby enzymeloss » Mon Jan 21, 2019 3:46 pm

Download the add-ons and extract to the Add-Ons folder in 'Interface'
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