Potential PvP Idea (new player)

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Potential PvP Idea (new player)

Postby Nezziedk » Sat Dec 08, 2018 11:05 am

I've just dinged and gear is my goal, so farming bgs and searching for partners is first on my list, but the ques are slow and I cant search for people without having a set of gear, apart from the odd wintergrasp its a long wait for ques, some bgs only require 5 people which is great for the competitive scene and ques all round. even the rewards in place for pvp on this server are very good.

Here are a few ideas which could be cool?

- 1v1 Arena which just gives honour no conquest, no MMR even, and points if you lose. (separate to other arena)
(could be hard to implement also win trading is a problem, so any here on are for devs of knowledgeable minds)

-More NPCs In dalaran underbelly, telling you honor gear is in SW, or just move the npc's ;) (Making a better hub for pvp'ers within the main 80 city, creates a community and allows top ranking pvpers to show off there earnings)

- A path of progression, just a little idea of an ingame 'book(maybe)' or 'NPC' explaining PVP beginners guide, (helpful to the newly dinged 80s as something alternative to do to pve, having information on resil, best gear to aim for, where the vendors can be found and any new pvp updates from the server team)

Just a few ideas from a new player to the server, Im really enjoying my time here and the community is great - and growing!, hope this post reaches likeminded people,Please feel free to speak about the suggestions and add your own! I plan on doing PVE and PVP, but love PVP with a passion and want to see it thrive for the community, It doesn't have to be competitive it just has to be fun, for all players, just an idea, hope to get some replies, thanks alot for reading.

-Nezzie (:
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Re: Potential PvP Idea (new player)

Postby stefannel » Sat Dec 08, 2018 4:11 pm

If I would have a dollar for each pvp suggestion that has been made and not looked into..
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Re: Potential PvP Idea (new player)

Postby Nezziedk » Sat Dec 08, 2018 5:47 pm

I can see what you mean, just a few ideas not that it matters, but what do you think of the ideas? talking about this stuff might be more noticeable and people might want to see change as a priority.
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Re: Potential PvP Idea (new player)

Postby Metaxa » Sat Dec 08, 2018 7:35 pm


Although we appreciate all ideas, there are some basics that we hold on to.
We will not touch game mechanics.

Yes, we have added mounts, Maniac items, etc, but we don't mess with the gameplay as it was in the original 3.3.5a.

Rewards we can change, we can adjust the amount of players for a BG to a scale that fits the server population, but again, we do not change the game.

85% of all suggestions are about changing the game. We read all, but when we don't act on those it might seem like we don't care. Well, we do. 8-)

Most suggestions are made out of personal favor and change the game for just a handful of players, not the whole community.

Some parts of the game you love, some you dislike, it happens. Play the game.

All non gamechanging ideas are welcome.

Enjoy the game,

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