[Guide] "Suit up!" *WoW-Mania Transmogrification*

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[Guide] "Suit up!" *WoW-Mania Transmogrification*

Postby tsoskou » Fri Nov 02, 2018 3:50 pm

If you are here, it means you decided to stop running around with your default looks.
Healing your allies with immense skills or smashing your foes with devastating attacks is great,
but why not try to do all those things WHILE also looking fabulous?!
Here you will find how!

1. Intro
2. Basic Requirements
3. Restrictions
4. How To
5. Epilogue

1. Intro
WoW-Mania possesses a unique system of transmogrification.
Why, you ask? Because, you can transmog almost anything into anything!
You can wave goodbye to some usual restrictions and finally you can have access to a wide range of choices, thus allowing you to mix and max, and have the appearance of your dreams!

2. Basic Requirements
Before crafting our costume, we need to have certain "tools".
Maniac Points Image
Wow-Mania's unique currency and can be obtained through various ways (RDF, Voting etc.)
Xmog Token Image
It can be bought in Wow-Mania's Mall from NPC "Joe Maniac"(cost 50 MP) or NPC "Bobby Boucher" (cost 100 pvp tokens)
If you have the item you want to transmog on your gear, the cost is 5 Maniac Points.
If you don't, the cost is 1 Xmog Token. (We'll get into that later.)

Now it's time to find our beloved "Happy Transmog Friends"!
All 3 of them are located in Wow-Mania's Mall, although "Hashom" and "Clemence" can also be found in the Enchanter's Shop in Dalaran.
Warpweaver Hashom: Our good buddy, we go to him to xmog our items, save our sets.
Clemence Maniac: He has some xmog pieces of later expansions among other items.
Danno: Don't let Danno's skinny figure fool you! He carries a bunch of items under those robes. He is the one we turn to when we can't find the item we want and all he asks in return is 1 Xmog Token per piece.
+Extra: Artifact Dealer "Harrison Jones" : Buy artifact weapons at the cost xmog tokens.

3. Restrictions
Wow-Mania's Transmog System provides a satisfying amount of freedom, yet there are some "can" and "can't" when
it comes to appearance changing. Below, I present you with some.
You CAN:
    * Xmog with different types of weapons/armor (plate on cloth, mail on leather,1-h Axe on 2-h sword etc.)
    * Xmog weapons/armor on your gear even if you are not eligible to wear them.
    * Xmog weapons on armor slots, in order to render that slot invisible. (Amazing!) ~note: besides shoulders
    * Xmog shields with almost any weapon/wand.
    * Xmog a weapon on shoulder slot. In truth you can, but you will end up with a white-blue cube/green model sprouting out of your shoulder. Works if you are a troll! :lol:
    * Xmog wands/weapons to look like a shield.

4. How To
SITUATION A: You have the xmog item
Visit our good friend "Hashom" and use his interface to xmog your wanted items upon your gear.
Simply navigate to the according slot and he will present you with the available xmogs you currently have in your bags.
Step 1: Wear the gear you want to change its appearance
Step 2: Have the appearance item in your bags.
Step 3: Speak with the NPC and xmog at the cost of 5 MP.
Step 4(Optional): Save set.
*Explanation: You can use the option "Manage Sets>Save Set" and save your current xmog set with all the xmogged slots at the cost of some gold(amount varies the items). Choose a name for the set and you're done! This way, if you find better gear and replace old pieces, you can just go back to "Manage Sets" and just equip the whole package without having to repay Maniac Points.

SITUATION B: You don't have the xmog item
This is where good ol' Danno comes into play. Simply put, he lets you browse items depending on the current type you are wearing when you talk to him, and instantly xmog them on your gear at the cost of 1 xmog token.
You are a Paladin wearing a Plate chest. You want to find in Danno a certain Cloth chest to xmog.
Step 1:Have 1 Xmog Token.
Step 2:Find and equip on you a Cloth chest, preferably of green value and above.
Step 3:Talk to Danno and browse until you find your item and make the purchase.
Step 4:Talk to Hashom and save your current set.
Step 5:Equip back your Plate chest.
Step 6:Talk to Hashom and use the set of Step 4.

!Danno NPC Info:
Keep in mind that Danno will not show you Class-specific armor different to your own. In the previous example, you cannot find Priest/Mage/Warlock specific set pieces because you are a Paladin.

5. Epilogue
All in all, these are some basic straight-forward tips that I hope you will find useful when you finally decide to start looking like an actual adventurer.Besides, this is a Role-Playing Game, unless your role is to look like a homeless person roaming the Dalaran Sewers.

Now, check your combat log.
"You gain Knowledge of Transmogrification effect"

And remember,
It does not matter what you do
It matters you do it with style
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Re: [Guide] "Suit up!" *WoW-Mania Transmogrification*

Postby Aristo » Fri Nov 02, 2018 4:10 pm

Nice subject for a guide and needed I would say, good call!

I might be wrong but i'm pretty sure there are ways you can mog a shield to look like a weapon.
- just wear 2 1h weaps and mog them > save the set > wear your shield and weap you use > go to manage set and use set.
(maybe they fixed it but its what i did for hpal mog one day)

"to mog or not to mog.. that is not even a question"
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Re: [Guide] "Suit up!" *WoW-Mania Transmogrification*

Postby tsoskou » Fri Nov 02, 2018 4:44 pm

You can mog a shield to look like a weapon. What I meant to say is you can not do it the other way around.
I edited the sentence for clarity reason. Thanks for the feedback!
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