Account Trading

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Account Trading

Postby Metaxa » Thu Jul 12, 2018 7:43 am

There are two kinds of account trading.

1. Players that switch accounts.
2. Players that are trying to sell / buy an account.

For both counts:

1. The account can be closed by WoW Mania.
2. There will be no reset on a ban history.
3. Advertising in the channels is not allowed.

In most cases when two players switch accounts because player X wants a Hunter and player Y wants a Mage, we won't interfere. We do have the rights to act tho. It's stated in the Terms of Use you agreed to when you started the game for the first time.

An account is never your property. You are using it, as stated in the Terms of USE. When you are trying to sell your account, you are basically trying to sell something you don't own.

As long as you play on WoW Mania, you can use your account. Unless you violate rules which will suspend your account, the time you can play FOR FREE is unlimited.

BYING an account has risks.

1. The account might have a mute or ban history.
2. The seller is not the owner of the account.
3. The account can be closed.

Enjoy the game,
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