jsfriendGaming's Youtube Series!

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jsfriendGaming's Youtube Series!

Postby jsfriendGaming » Sat May 05, 2018 10:35 pm

These are the videos I am making on the server which will be updated every time I make a video. Make sure to check this out weekly and subscribe to my channel for more content! [All Allowed By Janitor]

I know you may be like "Really js... another Season one" but it was my fault the last two ended and I'm going to make this one better! So please Enjoy --- https://youtu.be/cR4Ox5YahWo ---

A little bit on the boring side with this episode just doing some quest and gearing up a bit. Next episode we will hit up the mall and check everything out there. Hope y'all enjoy this video don't forget to leave a Like and subscribe for more content :D --- https://youtu.be/yunQNLB8eso ---

Here's a bit more cool content there is in WoW-Mania if you've never played or seen it before or want to show a friend some of the cool features. This was basically the slacking video just to make something that will help promote the server a bit. --- https://youtu.be/Xgo5Zqk7R7E ---
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Re: jsfriendGaming's Youtube Series!

Postby Saintz » Thu May 10, 2018 2:40 am


You're doing a great job Jsfriendgaming! :D

This will help make even more people aware of WoW-Mania! :)

Awesome vids, keep up the great work!

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