Server Event Idea! :D

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Server Event Idea! :D

Postby Durandel » Fri Apr 20, 2018 10:54 pm

Hey everyone Durandel again!

So, I have always had an event that I would hold pre-raid (back in the retail days) to not only get my whole raid group in one place but to get into Discord/VoiP and have a few laughs! So without further adieu!

NoggenFogger Roulette

GM's assemble 25 man Raid groups for participating players and convene them in Shattrath City. (For participation over the limit of 25 players, multiple Raid groups will have to be created) Each participating player is given THREE (3) Noggenfogger's Elixer's, and is instructed to fly up with the GM's and other players to the top of the 'Spire of Light'. Once all players have reached the ceiling, they are asked to stack on each other and dismount.

The object of the game is three fold.

1) Three players (or a determined # of winners by the GM) are rewarded for landing closest to the "Spire" ALIVE.
2) Three players (again is flexible) are rewarded for landing closest to the Spire DEAD
3) Three players are rewarded for spectacularly failing to even come close and many laughs are had!


-No outside method of slowing descent is allowed. No slow-fall. No battle res on the ground and no re-incarnation!

This game was not only a serious laugh for anyone in voice chat but was incredibly fun to watch upwards to 25-50 people plummeting to their potential deaths relying on only Noggenfogger's sometimes MOODY blessings! I think this idea is great because so many players already know each-other, breeding competition but this will allow people who haven't been here as long (like myself) to participate a bit more and meet some people!

Feedback is appreciated!

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Re: Server Event Idea! :D

Postby JuNNeZ » Tue May 29, 2018 9:50 am

Greetings, thanks for your post. I like this, I've sent it along to the other GM's, thanks for participating in making the server a better place.

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