Item Additions! :D

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Item Additions! :D

Postby Durandel » Fri Apr 20, 2018 10:43 pm

Hey everyone!

Finally made it to the Forum! Let the magic begin! So first off I want to start by saying that I really like it here on Wow-mania and it's super encouraging to see this level of staff and ownership participation! So! Down to the meat and potatoes!

After looking through ALL the vendors and taking kind of an inventory of all of the quality of life items there were a couple that I think, if added, would be purchased by pretty much everyone! I loved how there was specific focus on items like "Time-Lost Figurine" and "Frenzyheart Brew", but I still came away with a thought.

The item (in its previous incarnation on another server) was called "Dire Brew". It was a drink type item that had the same cool down as any alcohol. However, the drink would maintain whatever ILLUSION you had on presently for 1 hour (60 minutes). This was fantastic for both the new players (who perhaps may have only known about DBW's trans-formative properties) and long time players who knew of a hundred way to alter your appearance. This also unleashed a frenzy of players going out and trying new quests, going to places they had never been! It was good fun!

At the end of the day for 1 hour you could PvP as a Arrokoa or do ICC as a Fel Orc or just play the roulette with DBW! I think if added and posted for a good low MP cost (or FREE like it was in its past life), it would be sought by many players!

Love to hear feedback! All criticism is constructive!

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Re: Item Additions! :D

Postby Metaxa » Sat Apr 21, 2018 9:03 am

Hi Durandel,

The items you mentioned are available ingame, you just have to work for it ;)

We have added some ingame items for currency, but we are trying to minimize this as much as possible, because we don't want to spoil the game.

We don't want to take away the thrill for looting a rare item :D

Enjoy the game,

Gamemaster Metaxa.
Game Master
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Re: Item Additions! :D

Postby Durandel » Sat Apr 21, 2018 3:02 pm

Hey Metaxa!

Yes, a version of the item I'm referencing is in game. However, as I have already tested on the server. The Dire Brew obtained in Blackrock Depths only maintains trinket based illusions. I'm proposing a variation of the item that allows for all ILLUSIONS to be maintained for an hour. So for example, you could travel to Shadowmoon Valley and go to Netherwing Ledge. You get turned into a Fel Orc. This is when you pop the Dire Brew and Hearth out. The Dire Brew you are talking about is very restrictive! There are so many ways of having your form altered in 3.3.5 and this is the best way to have access to all of them!
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