Jukumari- Fury Warrrior Guide 3.3.5

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Jukumari- Fury Warrrior Guide 3.3.5

Postby jukumari » Mon Nov 05, 2018 5:17 pm

~Jukumari – (fury guide 3.3.5- wow mania)~ Updated (11/2/18)
+_+Basics functions to browser easier+_+ -how to search Ctrl+F-
[xxx] is tab to jump through search
-How to use links ctrl+left mouse on the [word] --didn't kno how to hyperlink here or how to reformat my charts so i provided my original word file incase you guys wanna see that one vs this one :P -

-Gear [001]
-Enchants/ Gemming [002]
-Glyphs [003]
-Talent [004]
+details on must get talents [004.1] (feel free to skip if you understand stats and importance why it is needed)
+ optional talents [004.2]
-Stats [005]

-[006] Rotation
-[007] Professions
-[008] Tips/Tricks

[***] for the information I feel is important to all
{If you don’t know how to search Ctrl+F for search bar where you can look for number tab of information or type *** for juice stuff :P}

-[001] Gear (non-donor)
Fury with [ "Shadowmourne"]
Item Slot ILvl Boss
[Sanctified Ymirjar Lord's Helmet] Head 277 Heroic Token
[Penumbra Pendant] Neck 284 Halion 25 Heroic
[Sanctified Ymirjar Lord's Pauldrons"] Shoulders 277 Heroic Token
[Shadowvault Slayer's Cloak]/ [Vereesa's Dexterity] /[Sylvanas Cunning] Cloak 277/272/272 Gunship Heroic/ToGC 25
[Sanctified Ymirjar Lord's Battleplate] Chest 277 Heroic Token
[Umbrage Armbands] Bracers 284 Halion 25 Heroic
[Aldriana's Gloves of Secrecy] Gloves 277 Putricide 25 Heroic
[Coldwraith Links] Belt 277 Dreamwalker 25 Heroic
[Sanctified Ymirjar Lord's Legplates] Legs 277 Heroic Token
[Apocalypse's Advance] Boots 284 Halion 25 Heroic
[Ashen Band of Endless Vengeance] Ring 1 277 Ashen Verdict Reputation Ring
[Frostbrood Sapphire Ring] Ring 2 277 Dreamwalker 25 Heroic
[Deathbringer's Will] Trinket 1 277 Saurfang 25 Heroic
[Sharpened Twilight Scale] Trinket 2 284 Halion 25 Heroic
[Shadowmourne] MH 284 Questline
[Glorenzelg High-Blade of the Silver Hand] OH 284 LK 25 Heroic
[Fal'inrush, Defender of Quel'thalas] Ranged 284 LK 25 Heroic

Bis items thru donations:
-[Arthas Menethil's Oathbinder]
-[The Lich King Bracers- Leather]
-[The Lich King Guantlets- Plate]
-[Maniac's Recurve]

-[002] Enchants/Gemming
Gemming for stats should be used with the stats table as a reference
Relentless Earthsiege Diamond
Red & Yellow:
Fractured Cardinal Ruby
Bold Cardinal Ruby
Inscribed Ametrine
Etched Ametrine

Nightmare Tear x1

Head – Arcanum of Torment
Shoulder – Greater Inscription of the Axe
Cloak – Enchant Cloak - Major Agility
Chest – Enchant Chest - Powerful Stats
Bracers – Enchant Bracers - Greater Assault
Gloves – Enchant Gloves - Crusher
Waist – Eternal Belt Buckle
Legs – Icescale Leg Armor
Boots – Enchant Boots - Cat's Swiftness or Enchant Boots - Greater Assault
Weapons – Enchant Weapon - Berserking

-[003] Glyphs
-Glyph of Whirlwind
-Glyph of Heroic Strike
-Glyph of Execution/ Glyph of Cleaving/ Glyph of Rending
(recommended is Cleaving for bosses with adds or aoe scenarios/ Execution and Rending for single)

-[004] Talents (18/51+3)
{this portion needs to be copied and pasted into web browser}
Normal fury dps build I made if you struggle with hit:
https://wotlk.evowow.com/?talent#LGbc0f ... kAo:MoGVzo
Lk one if slows on valks needed:
https://wotlk.evowow.com/?talent#LGbc0f ... kAo:MoGVzo
And one that I use atm:
https://wotlk.evowow.com/?talent#LGbc0f ... oAo:MoGVzo
[I removed rampage since their are a lot warriors in the raid with it which is good for a 25m scenario but horrible for a 10m which is why I have another fury os talent tree with it on]

-[004.1] Info on why for Talent Tree:
(statistic cited from Elistest Jerks and Wow Head)

Must Get:
Improved Heroic Strike:
Improved Heroic Strike increases the frequency in which you can turn your main hand white attacks into more powerful, yellow ones that use the special attack hit table. The goal of this talent is to help you reach near 100% heroic strike frequency faster. There may be a point in gear level where you can have near 100% frequency without this talent, when which you can spend the points somewhere else if you so choose, but it's still not really recommended. Reaching a 100% heroic strike frequency on the main hand is very desirable but difficult to achieve due to the pitfalls of possible avoidance streaks denying you the rage in certain moments to keep that value. This can somewhat help with that, but at high gear levels the -3 rage may not seem significant to help that issue. This talent also makes your rage consumption easier to manage when you do use Heroic Strike as you are sacrificing less rage to utilize them, giving you more play room in your rage management and overall DPS rotation. Works well with [Glyph of Heroic Strike].

Impale makes your special (yellow) critical strikes hit harder. It increases the bonus damage by 20% in the form 100%+20%. This means that these critical strikes will do 100%+100%+20%=220% damage instead of 200% damage normally. We will speak of crit bonus damage a few more times, so it is important to understand how to apply crit bonus damage. Normal damage is always static and bonus damage goes up or down based on how talents or other things affect it. Here's a picture.

Impale also has repercussions on the effect of a [Relentless Earthsiege Diamond] or [Chaotic Skyflare Diamond]. When a special (yellow) critical strike occurs, the 3% bonus of the meta gem is applied first, taking into account the 200% critical strike damage. This results in the strike causing 206% damage. The damage of a non-critical strike is then subtracted from this in order to determine the crit bonus damage portion of the strike which is 106%. This portion of the damage is then multiplied by the 20% bonus from Impale, resulting in 127.2% crit bonus damage, summing to 227.2% normal damage on the impaled special critical strike.

Deep Wounds:
Deep wounds applies physical DOT damage to the victims of your critical strikes. 3/3 Deep wounds will apply 48% of your weapon damage over 6 seconds to your victim. The weapon damage used is the weapon damage listed in your character sheet at the time that you landed your critical. Crits landed on the off hand use the off hand damage range, not the main hand damage range. You can think of it as additional critical bonus damage that is applied in its own form.

Two-Handed Specialization:
Two-Handed Specialization creates a multiplier for all of your Warrior abilities and skills when you are using two handed weapons. 3/3 gets you an overall damage multiplier of 1.06. For example, if you did 100 damage with an ability without this talent, you would do 106 damage with. This mechanic is classed with Damage Increasing Multipliers (DIMs) which are discussed multiple times in this compendium.
DIMs=Damage Increasing Multiplers

Armored to the Teeth:
3/3 Armored to the Teeth gives you 3 attack power for every 108 armor you have. A DPS warrior with 12000 Armor would get 333 base attack power with this talent. This amount naturally increases with gear level, because the armor level on items generally goes up. The attack power gained from AttT is recalculated cyclically every 30 seconds, so if you change a piece of armor or receive a positive or negative armor modifier such as Berserking or Mark of the Wild, your corresponding attack power from AttT will not change right away and must wait until the 30 second check arrives.
AttT-Armor to the Teeth

5/5 Cruelty increases your chance to land a critical strike with all physical attacks by 5%.

Dual Wield Specialization:
Dual Wield Specialization increases the damage you deal with your off-hand weapon by 25%. This is a multiplier similar to Two-Hand Specialization. 5/5 gets your offhand damage multiplier up to 50%*1.25=62.5%.

Precision decreases your chance to miss with all abilities. 3/3 Precision reduces your chance to miss by 3%.

Death Wish:
Death Wish is a major DPS cooldown that increases all the damage you deal by 20% while it is active. It has a 30 second duration with a 3 minute base cooldown. The cooldown can be reduced with the Intensify Rage talent. Deathwish's buff acts as a DIM. That is, you take your original damage without Death Wish and then multiply it by 120% or 1.2 to get your damage done with Death Wish active. While it is active, you also take 5% more damage.

Flurry increases the attack speed of your next 3 weapon swings for 12 seconds after dealing a critical strike with a physical attack. 5/5 Flurry grants you a 25% increase. This increase acts as a multiplier in the form of 125% or 1.25. Flurry is an aura buff that is applied to your character after you have landed that critical strike, and it goes away when 3 swung attacks are attempted or 12 seconds has expired. You can think of the Flurry buff increasing your attack speed in this way while existing in the attack speed multiplier family. In a sense, Flurry increases the total white attacks you make by 25% while it is up, and is the staple of what defines you as a Fury Warrior since day 1.

Intensify Rage:
This talent decreases the cooldowns of your Recklessness, Death Wish, and Berserker Rage. 3/3 of this talent will reduce the cooldowns of each by 33%. Differing cooldown levels per talent point are shown in the following table:
Talent Points______Deathwish__Recklessness__Berserker Rage__Bloodrage

Bloodthirst deals 50% of current attack as damage and has a 4 second cooldown. It also places a buff on you that heals you for 1% of your maximum health the next 3 times you land a physical attack for 8 seconds.

Improved Whirlwind:
Improved Whirlwind increases the damage done by your Whirlwind ability. 2/2 Points into this talent increases its damage by 20%. This is a DIM for Whirlwind.

Every time you connect with your Bloodthirst, main hand Whirlwind, or Heroic Strike abilities, you will get a chance to get a buff lasting 5 seconds which will make your next Slam instant. 3/3 points into this talent will give you a 20% chance to use a "Bloodsurge Slam" off of those ability connects. While using two-handed weapons, these Slams hit particularly hard. One must become skilled in knowing when to use your Bloodsurge Slam so that its use does not negatively interfere with other abilities in the DPS cycle and that it is used within its 5 second expiry. The effectiveness of correct use of Bloodsurge Slams is not very closed-form and may be difficult to grasp.

Improved Berserker Stance:
Improved Berserker Stance increases your total strength by 4% per point and reduces your threat by 2% per point. 5/5 into this talent gives you 20% additional strength, and reduces your threat by 10%. In Berserker Stance you are already only doing 80% of your base threat due to its natural threat reduction. Full points into this talent will make you do only 72% base threat in the native DPS stance. Along with Flurry, this has always been a defining talent specific to Fury Warriors.
Unending Fury:
Unending Fury increases the damage you deal with Whirlwind, Bloodthirst, and Slam. 5/5 points into this talent increases the damage of these abilities by 10%. This is a DIM for those abilities.

Titan's Grip:
Titan's Grip allows the player to hold a two-handed weapon in one hand. This can be used to dual-wield two-handed weapons as well as use one in conjunction with a shield or one-handed weapon. Due to the powerful nature of the talent, there is also 10% damage penalty on all of your damage when you have a two-handed weapon in one hand. This is also the same as a Damage Increasing Multiplier (DIM) of 0.9 which is a factor multiplied on all of your damage.
With Rampage, you grant yourself and raid members within 100 yards of you 5% increased critical chance to ranged and melee attacks (not caster spells).

-[004.2] Optional and/or Switchable Talents

Commanding Presence:
5/5 Commanding Presence increases the potency of your Battle and Commanding Shouts by 25%. For example, if your Battle Shout granted 550 additional base attack power without the talent, it would give 550*1.25=687.5 base attack power with the full 5 points for a difference of 137.5 base attack power. This talent is very useful when in a raid or party because it scales your optional raid buffs which are desirable for most classes in that raid or party. A maximized Battle Shout however is completely replaceable by a 2/2 Improved Might from a Paladin, which lasts a much longer 30 minutes. The health bonus from maximized Commanding Shout however is unmatched.

Improved Execute:
Improved Execute reduces the cost of your execute by 2 with one talent point and by 5 with two talent points. The benefit to this is that it allows you to hit Execute in very low rage situations (10 rage instead of 15) and gives you extra rage per Execute in high rage situations. Execute deals 38 damage per extra point of rage over cost. Keep in mind that you can only Execute less than 20% of the fight duration and that Execute is only part of that less than 20% rotation. Due to it's place in the tree, however, it's DPS talent substitutes aren't much better or comparable.

Improved Rend
Improved Rend 2/2 increases the damage you deal with Rend by 20%. Believe it or not, it is possible for an experienced player to squeeze out additional DPS by switching to Arms Stance, stopping Heroic Strike, and rending when a GCD would otherwise be unused and return to Berserker Stance quickly. This talent gives a DIM effect and scales very well with other modifiers such as Mangle/Trauma (30%) or when the target is greater than 75% health (35%) for a total of 110.6% extra Rend damage. Rend can tick two additional times also with [Glyph of Rending].

Heroic Fury:
Heroic Fury removes all roots and refreshes your intercept cooldown and has a 45 second cooldown. This talent is extremely useful where a good amount of movement between targets is necessary or there is a rooting/slowing mechanic to a fight. Heroic Fury is an excellent talent for grinding mobs. Using this in combination with charge and intercept allows you to seamlessly travel between mobs after you slaughter them mercilessly.

Anger Management:
Anger Management gives you 1 rage ever 3 seconds. This translates into an additional rage every 3 seconds while in combat and only losing 2 rage every 3 seconds compared to 3 while not in combat. If you get this talent, it could turn a frustrating situation where by chance you only have 24 rage and cannot hit your Whirlwind, to a situation where you get that last point to click over to 25 and are able to keep your rotation. Theoretically, this talent will not benefit you in a raid situation if you have enough rage income to fuel 100% heroic strike frequency and you practice proper rage management. If you have less than 100% heroic strike frequency, the average theoretical DPS gain of this talent is very small.

Booming Voice:
Booming voice increases the radius and duration of Commanding Shout and Battle Shout. 2/2 points into this talent increases these effects by 50%, giving these shouts a 45 yard range and a 3 minute duration. It is possible to also increase the duration of Battle or Commanding Shout further using [Glyph of Battle] or [Glyph of Command]totaling up to 6 minutes. If there is no Paladin with Improved Might in your raid, then it is generally your job to keep up Battle Shout 100% of the time on all targets that can benefit. This talent is extremely helpful in fulfilling that role especially if you have not found proper interface tools to help you track its remaining duration. Also if you are in charge of Commanding Shout, then it will also apply the buff to more of your long distance raid members for a longer duration.

Improved Cleave:
For level 80, the bonus damage on Cleave is 222. 3/3 into Improved Cleave gives the bonus a 120% modifier, and increases the BONUS DAMAGE ONLY to (1+1.2)*222=488.4. That's an increase of 266.4 damage. Now, take into account that when you Cleave, you are hitting two or more targets (three if you are using [Glyph of Cleaving]) so the increase of this talent is proportional to the amount of targets hit with the Cleave. Having 3/3 Improved Cleave however does not out-damage the bonus from Heroic Strike, which is 495. Cleave also cannot proc Bloodsurge. This talent combined with [Glyph of Cleaving] performs very well on stacked trash scenarios, stacked multi-mob boss encounters, and general multi-mob farming. It is only advised to specialize Cleave in a raid if the opportunity arises itself where you would do more damage than not using Heroic Strike and increased Slam amounts or putting the talents somewhere else.

[Out of personal opinion I spec into it 3/3 for increase damage on bosses such as Lady Deathwhisper(adds), Deathbringer Saurfang(adds), Professor Putricide(ooze), and Lich King(valks)]

Points into Enrage will give you a chance to "pop" a damage increasing modifier (DIM) when taking direct or some event damage. 5/5 points into this talent give you a 10% damage modifier. The chance to trigger is 30% and lasts for 12 seconds at each talent level. Enrage does not stack with Death Wish. It is very debatable if this talent is even worth putting points into for damage dealing purposes in a raid setting because there aren't very many situations where it is normal to get hit with damage that can pop this effect. Direct melee or spell hits definitely can trigger this effect, however other sources of damage must be tested. It is very viable to spec into Enrage for purposes of soloing or times where you are being directly damaged quite often.

Unbridled Wrath:
Unbridled Wrath grants a chance to gain 1 rage on a landed on-swing attack. Each point gives you a 3PPM chance for swings only to gain this 1 rage. If you did not care too much about Booming Voice, you could put those 2 points into here. This gives you a 6PPM chance on swings for 1 rage on-swing, per each main and offhand weapon. Again, the average theoretical DPS value of this talent is small and can be compared to Anger Management and Improved Berserker Rage. Since chance to gain can only come from white hits or skills such as heroic strike/cleave/Slam.

rank [Weapon Speed]

Imp Berserker Rage:
1 and 2 points into this talent will give you 10 and 20 rage respectively each time you use Berserker Rage. This translates to additional rage income to fuel more Heroic Strikes if you don't already have 100% heroic strike frequency. Full speccing into this talent will effectively give you 20 rage per 20 seconds (in conjunction with 3/3 Intensify Rage) if you used it every time it was up, however you will not be able to do so because it will interfere with your rotation. The average theoretical DPS gain is small, and it is possible that in combination with latency one could be hindering their optimal DPS by the overlapping of global cooldowns. This talent can help in times where rage budget and spending are very tight with lower gear levels. It is not recommended to choose this talent at mid to high range gear levels due to the importance of having free global cooldowns for possible Slam! procs and due to sufficient rage incomes.

Piercing Howl:
Piercing Howl is a great talent for situational uses. It functions as a short AoE slow which is very ideal for situations where kiting is needed. Piercing Howl causes no threat. It should be taken note that this does not stack with an unholy death knight slow.

Imp Demoralizing Shout:
Improved Demoralizing Shout increases the effect of your Demoralizing Shout. 5/5 into this talent increases its effect by 40%, netting 140% of its normal value. It is entirely possible to have 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 points into this talent, while still having a maximum DPS build. This requires dropping other fluff talents.
TP___-AP______Damage range_Change

This debuff is shared with Vindication from a Ret Paladin and Improved Demoralizing Roar from a Feral Druid.

-[005] Stats <3:
Main Priority:
Soft Hit Cap: 8% (5% if you have precision talent 3/3)
Expertise Cap: 20~ (I personally run 21, expertise is broken on the server similar to other private servers)
Second in Priority:
---Armor pen cap: 1400 for 100%---- (only try to cap with gems if you are near 55% if you’re not near focus on strength) ***Crict: ~55% ---- debatable on how much u wanna put in but after 55% any white hits don’t benefit from the increase gain. Does it still increase your crict for yellow hits yes. But what I take into consideration is my white hits which hit 14%-16% throughout my rotation. What also needs to be taken into consideration is how the crict stat benefits start to decrease after 50% since other stats value start become to increase as I will after the math --- (Math explaining white hits and yellow hits below chart)
---Strg: as much as you can get point at this point since we convert it to attack power by the largest% since we multiple our strength and that amplifies our damage as a whole

Cap Ratings____Hit Table_Stat Conversions
Cap Percent___Rating
Dodge_________6.50%____214 (26)
Special Hit_____5.00%____164

Base Boss Hit Table__Percent Chance
Crit Suppression_____-4.8%
Parry_______________14%, or difficulty tuned
Special Miss_________8%
Dual Wield Miss______27%

Stat rating per 1%
AGI to crict____________62.500
Critical Strike Rating____45.906

How Hit Works:
Question on calculations: view the hit table (total crit that can be affected is 85.3%---14.7% crit or lower cannot be decreased by mechanics if you fail to meet requirements---)
If we are hitting the back of the boss with the correct stats for hit soft cap and expertise cap we get.
Parry 0.0% (because you are hitting boss from behind)
Miss 20.0% (Because we dual wield and are running 8% soft cap so only our MH is a guarantee % to hit versus OH )
Dodge 0.0% (Because of Expertise)
Glance 25.0% (Can't reduce this unless it’s yellow hit)
-if you plug in the number to the hit table above you’ll see our max crict for white hits is 55%
-For yellow hits you can only hit 96.2%crict. How come? because it’s impossible to crit for a 100% without a skill due to a mechanic ingame which reduces the max % when fighting a boss
-How does yellow hits have higher %? Plug in the same stats –miss since yellow hit cap is 8% and –glance since the hits are yellow. Which means you are only affect by the mechanic of crit being Suppressed
-How does hit relate to crit? Well it reduces its value related an equation as for glance the crit damage in itself is reduced.

Equations and more detailed explanations can be seen in: http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Critical_strike or research critical strike math for Wotlk time period

------More indepth stats or questions-------
Strg vs Agi:
In attack power strength wins, but what gives is attack power + crit. Issue with Agi it gives to little we need 108 armor for 3 attack power agi gives 2 armor per 1 Agi. (Math- 54 Agi = 3 Attack power). Only benefit is crict which is not worth since Critical Strike Rating scales better.

Agi vs Critical Strike rating:
But Agi gives Crict. Yes but you gain more with a Critical strike rating.
But we use Agi gear as Bis. Yes but for the Arp since warriors can’t hit a 100% with bis OH. And the Bis list is one used in retail since it’s the max stats for the gears.

Love/Hate why it only affects white hits and Herioc Strike/ Cleave. Is it useless? no since it increases damage and % for proc on slam. Not only that but it value is increased the higher crict you have related to your flurry skill on the talent tree. Should you gem? no. Just no Strength will always outvalue any stat gem unless u need arp, hit, or expertise. It can affect 40-45% of your dps but the 60-55% loss versus a gem like Strg which affects all by 100% is a loss in stats. It’s also why I use TBC Strg pot at the start of a fight vs a Haste pot. But Haste pot is still amazing and should be used when adds need to be cleaved or you have no Strg pot.
Testing in stats done also more depth explanation on gear:
***So the idea of crict vs haste:***
As we begin we hit end game we go for things like umbrage bracers, shadowvault slayer’s cloak, or even winding sheet related to how easy it is to hit the arp cap with the base stats. The reason why most contain agility is because most if not all other in the same slot don’t give the same stats that can benefit us.
But agility is worse then crict rate and we don’t benefit a lot vs strength so why:
The reason why is the overall benefit it has gear stat wise vs other pieces
Now to explain how haste overcome crict after the crict soft cap- what I am gonna explain before this is the rawr test was one on a bis warrior 53% unbuffed raid wise which means in a raid scene should be at the soft cap. But here are the results:

Strg: 1
Haste: 0.87
Crit: 0.75
Agility: 0.61
Hit Rating: 0.58
Attack Power: 0.38

If you wish to recreate it or test out your own idea the forums in which I got these are posted below including landsoul’s with an additional thread back up my statement above:
[Rawr 2.3.23 - wotlk verison]
[landsoul’s spreadsheet 3.3.5]
[Landsoul’s spreadsheet testing showing haste beating crict at bis gear levels]

Question- But many guides pledge to going all in crict vs haste?
The theory of going all in on crict and pumping as much stats into it as you can isn’t bad or wrong but one thing needs to understood. After 50% cricts value begins to decrease and second after 55% it values decreases even more based on how much of your rotation it affects. Now the theory if pumping more into crict can help you pass someone that put that much into haste is a yes. But the overall % favors haste more and the reason for this is simple a little bit more for a crict loses vs a consist dmg gain. Why is this if more crict = more x2 dmg, welp the answer is simple to where in the end game strength is the best crict/haste comes second. Meaning we don’t have a lot of rooming in terms of stats as a whole to even put into these two areas so idea of pumping a few extra numbers to a % of crict vs a overall dps gain such as haste. If you do however wish I did provide the links for you test this on the sims above.

------Armor Pen:------
Examples of how much armor is affect on boss (mechs)***
Armor Values and Damage Scaling
Debuffs______________Boss Armor without Arp_______ArP Cap 100%
5SA, FF___________________8088.68_________________7773.73
5SA, FF, shatter____________6470.94_________________6470.94

SA= Sunder armor
FF= Faerie Fire
Shatter = Shattering throw

Why do I show this to explain that a 100% Arp doesn’t mean the boss has 0 armor. And to show how shattering throw can benefit a raid if needed

-----attack power to weapon damage increases: -----
16 attack power equals an increase in weapon damage by 1 which increase damage on skills on all our skills (Minus [-] throws and rend but they are affected by attack power so you still gain)
-[006] Rotation:

My Rotation: ***
[rend only boss above 75% if not it’s a GCD spot]
What is my rotation: BT>WW> (slam if proc occurs)>BT> (Rend/GCD) >WW>BT (GCD) >WW>BT (GCD) and repeats

For my GCDs
Slam proc + Slam Hard cast (1st opt)(- vary to slam proc+ Heroic throw if both are up at same time)
(no slam proc) Heroic throw+ Herioc Strike (2nd opt)
(no slam proc or throw) Heroic strike (3rd opt)
Shattering Throw :D (4th opt) (I stopped using recently since I got lazy but it’s an amazing dps boost for raid…….…..just it hurts ur dps………………. ..........amazing for raid though :D)

-----Videos to show play style:-----

Does Slam beat Whirlwind and Bloodthirst? No

Why rend? Because it is a increase in damage but only when boss is above 75%. Since the skill itself boost its own damage, my talent tree build, Mangle/Trauma multiplers (if class is in raid), and its chance to proc 2 piece bonus. But understand if you struggle with control of your own rage this could be a loss in rotation which would equal dps loss.

***-[007] Professions***

-BlackSmithing and Jewelrycrafting (more control in stats if your not bis)
-If you are bis then Tailoring and Engineering for the best gains or/ Engineering and Jewelrycrafting/ Tailoring and Jewelrycrafting if you still need a bit of stats

WHY? To explain that I’ll break down the benefits then jump into the versus comparison

Those who have Blacksmithing, they will be able to add a bonus socket to their Gloves and Bracers.
-[Socker Bracer] +gem slot
-[Socket Gloves] +gem slot

You get 3 epic gems from the profession +34 of any stat of your choosing

[Swordguard Embroidery] +400 ap /duration:15 seconds/ ICD: 45 seconds/ proc rate: 25%

-[Enchantment- Hyper accelerator gloves] +340 haste/ duration: 12 seconds/ CD: 1 min
-[Enchantment- Nitro boots] +24 crict rating/ CD: 3 minutes
-[Item- Goblin Land Mine] dmg: 394- 506 to enemy who walks on it (lasts 1 minute)/ CD: 1 minute

Why do Tailoring and Engineering pass Blacksmith? Welp the answer is simply related to how as fury warrior we are more dependent more on burst. If we break down the tailoring/ Engineering stat wise they are equal to all other professions yet take a loss if you reduce the stat it replaces.
-Tailoring with the formula 400/45*15= 133~ on average if you always proc with old forums suggesting the proc rate is 25%. Subtract that from the -22 stat enchant cloak and you win roughly 111 in stats. Comparing this to JC stat if all gems are strength would be 42 increase since 34-20=14 from “extra stats gained” so 42*2.4 since our strength to ap is 2 plus once talent tree boost improved berserker stance would be 100 ap
{long short stat gain from tailoring is better then JC only down side is that it only surpasses it if procs happen on time after ICD if not it can considered on par or if you are unlucky with procs worse}

-Engineering: formula 340/60*12= 68 replacing stat 44 ap ~lazy math 22 stat~ (18 strg if you wish to redo it) = 68-22 = 46 stat gain
Now the benefit in this one is yes it lower then Tailoring but why I love this one is the fact of nitro boots it gives warriors another opinion for uptime which I use a lot. As for the mini speed boots enchant that slightly increases movement speed that one is amazing if u have trouble strafing the boss. But for the nitro boots+ the haste gloves = more of a win win scenario since it allows you to increase your uptime by either catching up to boss by a few seconds more where other warriors have to walk and use intercept or simply spread out or run away later since boots lets you mess with the bosses channel timer explained in the (guilds tips and trick portion) as for those on the forums you have to find that out yourself :P. But keep in mind the more hits you can get off on a boss the greater your dps is which is why I love nitro boots.

Putting it all together: If you compare the overall stat gain isn’t huge which is why if u need stats by only a small amount I advertise Jewlerycrafting before Blacksmithing. But once you hit end game and have those stats fulfilled I see a bigger benefit to Tailoring and Engineering since proc rate + more haste work hand in hand to boost one another. But if already noticed nitro boots are a win win in movement fights for me at least in stationary fights it can be counted as a loss. Unless the boss has adds which haste helps with more cleave but I digress.

-[008] Tips/Tricks - (limited verison, guldies get full verison srry :3)
[old- I oppped for % overall dmg increase with enrage since bloodrage is usually enough if popped during pull timer- I usually use 5-8 secs b4 pull to stack enough rage for rotation ]
Why I took berserker rage in talent tree? So I can start my main rotation faster and increase % of main skills hitting boss like Whirlwind and Bloodthirst.
-Is their better? Yes execution could be added over berserker rage in a scenario where the boss is below 20% to reduce the loss of rage and have a better control. For me it’s rare to struggle with rage since the use of slam and rage generation related to my weapon damage. Does it ever occur yeah, sometimes the execution point could have helped me but it’s more scenario/% based versus berserker rage which will always help me at start of fight.

Boss fight tips/tricks:
If you’re not close enough to dps and you need to close the distance check if you can Intercept the target. If you are unable to check if you can intervene someone another player near the target.
-Why I use intercept freely? Heroic fury refreshes it and it increases my time up by reducing travel time to the dps target.
-Why intervene? Reduces time you waste traveling.
-Rage loss for swapping stance to intervene? It is a huge hit in rage loss but my reasoning is your return to dps faster which aids in the recovery of the rage loss and I save bloodrage to minimize the loss.

Marco for intervene:
#showtooltip Intervene
/cast Defensive Stance
/cast Intervene
#showtooltip Intervene
/cast Defensive Stance
/cast [target="SPECIFIC NAME HERE"] Intervene

If as a fury warrior you ever pull agro use:
#showtooltip Shield Wall
/cast Defensive Stance
/equipslot 16 "MH HERE"
/equipslot 17 "SHIELD HERE"
/cast Shield Wall

-In relation to the marco I use it when taking massive damage like add damage in Lady Deathwhisper, Blood Queen’s airphase, Professor Putricide green ooze explosion, or even sindy blitzing cold if you wanna try to survive or reduce the amount of damage you may take. You could also use with chill to the bone but won’t usually save you if you get to high of a stack. Reason is it last 8 seconds and only reduces damage by 40%.

If you ever wanna be hero and reduce some of your dps to increase all of raids dps :
#showtooltip Shattering Throw
/Cast Battle Stance
/Cast Shattering Throw

If you came here 1 button marco -.-
…. (/ .□.)\ ︵╰(゜Д゜)╯︵ /(.□. \)…:
(but in all honesty may be useful it makes it easier for to focus on fight- still a dps loss for cd proc timer but not a major loss)
/castsequence reset=target Whirlwind, Bloodthirst, Bloodthirst
/cast Heroic Strike

/castsequence reset=target Whirlwind, Bloodthirst, Bloodthirst
/cast Cleave
Top is for single; second is for aoe. Do I recommend no. Why?
If your aiming to be the top this marco doesn’t benefit you for the solo reason that you lose control of your whirlwind skill. If you have manual control and a cd addon to track proc cooldowns in a sense you can control your burst increase the dps output as a whole since your multiple whirlwind hits will be amps by things like your tinket proc, weapon proc, and ring proc which can put on top in a neck and neck fight for top dps meters

What do I use? more than 1 button O=(‘-‘Q). My list of current marcos: ***
[old one I used to use] - (I now use the one button marco sinceeeeee I got lazy xD)
#show Whirlwind
/cast [nomodifier] Heroic Strike
/cast [modifier:alt] Cleave
/cast Bloodrage
/cast Whirlwind
[old one I now just spam jump also don’t use the slam stop marco since it resets your white swing (normal swing) hit timer reducing your overall dps over time or use]
#showtooltip Heroic strike
/cast slam
/cast heroic strike
[good for saving yourself or lk fight when you have plague n then to get to ot fast]
#showtooltip Intervene
/cast Defensive Stance
/cast [target="SPECIFIC NAME HERE"] Intervene
[more bar space for my situational marcos
#showtooltip Heroic Fury
/cast Intercept
/cast Heroic Fury
[good for higher dps if u are using strg pot to start, stance dance does require timing since it can cost u alot of dps] [also benefits are small but it’s still a benefit if you wanna be on top in dps meters]
/cast [stance:1] Rend; Battle Stance
/cast Berserker Stance
[good to save yourself or if some1 needs to taunt off or to get rdy to soak asap]
#showtooltip Shield Wall
/cast Defensive Stance
/equipslot 16 "MH HERE"
/equipslot 17 "SHIELD HERE"
/cast Shield Wall
[old one I now just use victory rush by itself since I find myself with times where their is only 1 add up]
/use Victory Rush
/use cleave
[if your low gear this can boost all mdps or if your low mdps but if ur mdps is needed vs others don’t cast]
#showtooltip Shattering Throw
/Cast Battle Stance
/Cast Shattering Throw
Rest are all manual

-Modifiers o.o? it’s a button u may hold to change the spell you cast for me its cleave since it’s only used for portions of a fight

-Recommendation: Find what marco’s suit you best or make your own if understand this mechanic in game

Additional info:

Pots (potions): insane strength potion or haste pot when cleave is needed
***Trick to double pre pot: drink Indestructible potion 1 minute before pull (pot cd is 1 minute and armor pot last 2 minutes) (Remember armor is converted to attack power) and then your choice of pot during pull warning. You are free to toy with timing since my guild doesn’t do a 1minute pull timer I drink before boss dialogue or predict when leads may start timers. Sometimes I lose the perfect 1 minute armor pot duration to 30-40seconds but it still a dps increase when combo’d with another pot.

[ I don’t take full credit for all the information since it’s a combination of other fury guides + my knowledge of wow-mania to adapt to one that best fits a players need for understanding]
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Re: Jukumari- Fury Warrrior Guide 3.3.5

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As for my comment on the pdf file of the original it seems like my extension docx is not allowed :/
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Re: Jukumari- Fury Warrrior Guide 3.3.5

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Re: Jukumari- Fury Warrrior Guide 3.3.5

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Hi stefannel and ty for giving it a chance ^^
I did however provide the means to search through the topics with ctrl+f under my intro of my title.
I do understand tho at 1st glance it does seem like alot but if you use the search opinion to the topic which is provided you'll see that i provide the basic and afterwards i provide a more in depth explanation to those who seek why.
I also actually quoted the video link that you post in playstyle since i like the player's play style and the basics the info is amazing. But what my guides aims to do is more for late tier players tho i do offer the basics in the intro with tabs n for the end teir advance section their own part. Both with alot information tho xD. But once again i do that to answer people who seek the answer on why it works like that and to explain my reasoning after the general info is given :).
But thank you again for at least giving it a chance in a sense
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