Tamagucci's Disc Guide for: Fresh nabs -> End game content

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Tamagucci's Disc Guide for: Fresh nabs -> End game content

Postby Tamagucci » Sat Nov 03, 2018 1:03 pm

A disc priest's life:

Before jumping into all that mumbo-jumbo about the different talent trees, tactics and stats, it’s important to understand your role.

WotLK Discipline priests are a very interesting and rather peculiar group of healers. Compared to other classes they lack beast aoe crits, like resto shammies, and mastodontic Beacon of Light holy pally heals. Nonetheless, they still are a crucial element of almost every raid composition.

Why? Due to the ability to absorb huge amounts of damage done. Period. Your role as a disc doesn’t focus on spamming Renew nor Flash Heals/GH but to eat up as much incoming damage as possible. The shielding mechanism itself is in my opinion one of the most alluring ideas successfully implemented in a mmo.

Major Glyphs:

1. Glyph of Power Word: Shield

An obligatory element of every build. Not only does the heal effect crit, but can also proc Divine Aegis (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

2. Glyph of Penance

Also mandatory and don’t believe people who say otherwise, they want you to be a bad priest

3. When it comes to the last major glyph you have a few options:

a) Glyph of Renew – +25% healing per tick duration but spell clipped by 3 seconds. Now, this won’t be much of use during the LK or Sindra encounter (due to the lack of time and gcd) but I can imagine it being advantageous at Fester, Rot, Prof, BPC or BQL.

b) Glyph of Prayer of Healing – adds a 6 sec hot but is very, very situational. What do we get then? A powerful aoe heal which leaves a hot on the healed targets. Now that is in fact a powerful tool however it requires a bit experience to be used properly. The only time PoH should be casted is only with the Borrowed Time buff, so after a PW:S, or with Power Infusion. Other than that, by the time you finish your cast your targets hp will definitely be topped by another healer.

c) Glyph of Flash Heal – 10% mana cost reduction. Great and? I don’t approve of boosting your FH either by talents nor glyphs as you won’t be using this spell much often. Instead of wasting a gcd on FH, squeeze a shield, PoM or Renew and wait for Penance to get off cd. Only pick if you have BIG mana management problems.

These are the most worthy major glyphs, the rest is pretty weak and you might as well leave an empty glyph slot

Minor Glyphs:

None of these are game-breaking nor give godly boost but in comparison to some other classes, the priest’s actually have useful minor glyph’s

1. Glyph of Shadowfiend
The best use is with PW:S + Shadowfiend + Hymn of Hope (with every hymn tick your mana pool gets bigger and thus the pet attacks replenish more mana); also, if you anticipate a long fight, +5 minutes, you might want to send the pet early for it to be ready in the last phase of a given encounter (but only if you can predict the length of the fight, know the tactics and feel comfortable with your shielding)
2. Glyph of Levitate
3. Glyph of Shackle Undead
4. Glyph of Shadow Protection
5. Glyph of Fortitude


1. Spellpower – the shield benefactor

The most useful throughoutput stat a discipline priest can get. Since you provide a shield blanket for the raid, spellpower is the way to go and don’t let yourself get convinced by some random scrubs that there is something like a sp cap. There is none and primarily aim at as much sp as you can get-the more you have, the bigger the shields.

2. Intellect – the most potent regen stat (RAPTURE)

This is the best mana replenishment tool out there for an undergeared priest or a one having mana problems. Not only grants you a bigger mana pool and thus increases mana gained from hymn of hope or shadowfiend but also increases crit.

3. Crit – boom

The benefits of this stat are clear as a bell and it’s convenient for any caster to have.

4.Haste – the ‘easy-to-cap’ stat

Some priests consider this a superior stat and of course a fair amount is necessary but let’s not exaggerate the importance of it.
How much haste is enough and why you shouldn’t panic?
The cap for discipline priests is around 11%. Period. It’s obvious that you will have more than that cause most useful ICC gear pieces are crit and haste items and that’s nothing bad. It’s just important to realize that capping haste isn’t all that problematic especially since you have a few enhancers at hand (all in all, as a bis dpriest yes, you will be haste overcapped, no, don’t kill yourself)

Keep in mind that Imp. Moonkin Aura doesn’t stack with SR.
The mechanism of BT was explained in the ‘Talent’ section.

5. Spirit/mp5

Spiritual Guidance is the key here. It’s a T5 talent in the holy tree and provides 5% additional spellpower of your total spirit. Sadly, you won’t be getting this talent as a discipline so the only advantage you get from spirit is the mana regen and we already agreed that intellect is the way to go with regen. Mp5 is even more useless.


The only stat you are going for is spellpower. No haste(!), no spirit(!!!). About not gemming spirit I’m super cereal you guys :^/

Red Socket=> Runed Cardinal Ruby

Blue Socket=> Runed Cardinal Ruby

Yellow Socket=> Runed Cardinal Ruby

What you could is play a bit with crit but that’s only when your bubbles are at least of 10k-11k damage absorb (with ICC buff). However, I’d rather you pick orange crit gems instead of going for a full, yellow one.

Which meta do I pick?

Insightful Earthsiege Diamond

But, but, it needs a blue gem for activation and you said to gem full spellpower?

Purified Dreadstone / Seer’s Eye of Zul / Nightmare Tear

T10 and You

Should you or should you not? How many pieces? 2? 4? Any chances for a mixed-gear set?

To develop a proper mindset and be able to answer these questions first sort out a notion in your head: do you like free stuff? Do you like getting free stuff just because you’re alive?

Everyone likes free stuff and so should you!

Where am I going with this?

The T10 set bonus of course, the 4 piece bonus to be more specific, and it’s importance to a proper discipline priest gameplay.

According to the 4xT10 tooltip:

Increases the effect of Power Word: Shield by 5% and Circle of Healing by 10%.

So once you get four pieces of armor which can be obtained simply by farming some EoF’s you receive a 5% boost of your main tool which is PW:S. What kind of a lunatic would want to drop such juicy shit? Especially that the T10 gear is the top tier gear in terms of raw stats as well.

There is literally not even one solid argument for even trying to play with non T10 gear as you would get rid of a sweet present Blizz gave you. And mind this, Blizz doesn’t give free presents every day : D

You should obviously aim at 4xT10,5. To make it more fun, after a whole run check your logs and see your activities. Without a doubt, on the healing chart, PW:S will be on top. As a shielder you might want to focus on buffing your main tools than goofing around with off set stuff.

Which pieces are a solid pick?

Head: Sanctified Crimson Acolyte Hood

Shoulders: Sanctified Crimson Acolyte Shoulderpads

Chest: Sanctified Crimson Acolyte Robe

These offer a perfect blend of the most useful statistics and contribute to getting our 4p bonus.

The interchangeable pieces are mostly hands and legs.

Right meow, I am using the t10 spriest legs. They may have hit on them, but they give a YUGE amount of crit - where as the the healing legs give haste and spirit (not great).

Accessories. Off parts. Weapons. What’s in right now?

The starting point when evaluating potential gear choices/changes is always spellpower. You have to hoard as much as possible and I believe that’s clear for everyone.

Always keep in mind the key stats and how you should prioritize them given the current state of your armor slots.

The best blend of spellpower/crit/haste/gem slots would look like this:

Neck: Blood Queen’s Crimson Choker

Back: Cloak of Burning Dusk

Bracers: Bracers of Fiery Night

Belt: Crushing Coldwraith Belt

Boots: Plague Scientist’s Boots

Ring: Ashen Band of Endless Wisdom

Ring: Ring of Rapid Ascent

When it comes to trinkets you still go according to the stat section key. Cause spellpower is king and these two provide the highest sp amount in game (yes, the proc of Abacus is gay and not worth mentioning but you don’t take it cause of the proc). Both of these give you a shot of 416 raw spellpower which is amazing.

Trinket: Althor’s Abacus

Trinket: Glowing Twilight Scale

In terms of weapons there is only one pick and that’s a MH+OH

Mace: Royal Scepter of Terenas II

OH: Shadow Silk Spindle

Wandpewpew: Corpse-Impaling Spike


I’ve prepared a rough comparison of all the professions available ingame and provided a brief analysis from a discipline priest perspective.

In terms of optimal spellpower amount Jewelcrafting+Tailoring would be the best mix. However, Enchanting+Tailoring is pretty viable as well. First of all, you get to enchant pieces of armor that normally aren’t to be upgraded – mainly rings (+23 Spellpower to each ring). Second, it’s easy to level up with tailoring.

Now, the Jewelcrafting bonus is pretty straightforward. We’re simple people, we see spellpower, we take it.

Let’s take a look at the Tailoring perk. Darkglow Embroidery supplies 400mana every minute while Lightweave Embroidery provides you with a 295spellpower proc for 15 seconds. Both have an inner cooldown of 45 seconds.

Now for obvious reasons, I wouldn’t recommend getting the Darkglow Embroidery unless you have mana issues. Other than that, Lightweave all the way.

Talents + Builds

There’s not much room for variation when it come’s to a discipline talent tree and the only differences would involve minor alterations.


This is the build containing the essential talent’s of a discipline priest. I called it a build but it actually lacks a few talent points. You can put them in Absolution for cheaper dispels, Improved Flash Heal for cheaper FH or into Spell Warding for spell damage reduction. The most retarded place to spend points is Reflective Shield, Silent Resolve, Martyrdom and Improved Mana Burn. I’m just saying this because I’ve seen disc priests who call themselves ‘skilled’ and have taken such traits ಠ_ಠ

The build I’m running


I don’t run out of mana and this is why I dropped Imp. FH and Absolution. Plus, I like Spell Warding a lot (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Bonus tip for you Borrowed Time users out there:

The haste buff lasts 6 seconds (after every PW:S cast) unless it’s consumed earlier.

When is it consumed?

It fades when you cast a spell that actually has a cast time, ie. Flash Heal and Prayer of Healing. Channelings and instants don’t eat up the buff.

Then how do you maximize the BT buff?

After casting a shield, pop Penance, followed by a Prayer of Mending or Renew and top it with a Flash Heal. This way you maintain the beast 25% haste buff and thus use the talent at it’s full potential.

Rapture Proc Explained:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUSI_E6NR3s (LK Infest Example)
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Re: Tamagucci's Disc Guide for nabs -> end game content

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10/10, would read again.
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